Hi and welcome to Cultivated Management.

My name’s Rob and I’m the voice behind Cultivated Management. I’ve spend two decades working in the tech industry as a tester, scrum master, agile coach and manager. I’ve built epic teams, epic software and helped others do the same. 

This career trajectory was only possible by learning my way through it, but as part of that success though, I also lost my way with the foundations in my life.

I would find myself checking work emails before seeing my family in the morning. I would find myself thinking about work instead of enjoying time with my family. I would be stressed constantly, always on edge and short tempered. I was out of balance. My weight was all over the place and my health was on a fast road to destroying me.

Then, during a painfully bad depressive few months, I made the resolution to change. I had to fix myself. And that’s the journey I’m still on now.

I’m learning to balance the foundations of being a human being which is transforming me in to a better husband, father and manager. I’m hacking my body, my mindset, my management and my foundations to become a Cultivated Manager – a manager who grows, learns and becomes the best person they can be – in all aspects of my life. After all, your management will be no better than you as a person.

I am the author of Remaining Relevant, The Employable Parent Brain and The Social Tester. I run an award winning Communication Workshop, do Keynotes, run Web Testing Basics and consult with companies to help them release agility and cultivate their agile management tier.

About Cultivated Management

We provide inspiring, down to earth, practical advice and training for Managers in the Technology Industry.

From working out where to spend your daily time, from understanding how behaviours create culture, from working out how work flows, from discovering what makes you tick to bringing it all together with outstanding communication skills to get the work done.

No matter what stage of your career or management journey you’re at, we’re here to provide tools, articles, training and coaching to help you make it happen. For organisations we provide mentoring, consultancy and training for those times when a little outside experience can take you to the next level or unblock a problem.

We do this through:

  • Resources, books and Blazingly Simple Guides – Through our guides and books we provide practical, sometimes hilarious, insights in to how to take your career to the next level and solve those tricky problems at work. Find out more here.
  • Products such as Training, Coaching and Consultancy – Our products are all about helping you go to the next level, think differently about your role as a manager and give you the advice and guidance to move forward on your journey rapidly. Our wealth of knowledge and experience is expertly packaged up to help your managers and your organisations move forward. Find out more here.
  • Articles – Our weekly articles are inspiring, educational and designed to help you learn and grow as a manager. Find out more here.
  • Weekly Newsletter – Every week get new articles, book recommendations and the best links from the world of work straight to your inbox. You’ll also get a Blazingly Simple Guide To Personal Branding when you sign up. Find out more here.

The foundations to the Cultivated Management approach are grounded in the following three ideas:

  1. The Cultivated Core focus of work (where to focus your energy at work)
  2. The Cultivated Foundations (the pillars, legs or basics of being alive)
  3. The Cultivated Principles (principles of good management)

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Cultivated Community

Cultivated Management was founded with an ambitious mission, but I also wanted to build a socially conscious business that gives back to the community.

This is why I donate 5% of all revenue at Cultivated Management, and my sister business Parent Brain, to charity.

I also offer a number of free training and coaching sessions for managers working in charitable or not-for-profit organisations.

2.5% of profits will always go to Naomi House. A charity for life limited children and their families. It’s a charity close to my heart. The other 2.5% goes to a different charity each year as below.

(completed) 2015 – Naomi House and Unicef

(completed) 2016 – Naomi House and Pencils of Promise

(completed) 2017 – Naomi House and Saving Linnea

2018 -Naomi House and WWF