The T-Shaped Employee – An Update

A few years ago I wrote an article about being a T-Shaped Tester. It seemed to resonate with many people who expanded on that post with testers of all different shapes and sizes. In reality, it wasn’t really an article just about testers, the T-Shaped idea (originated by Ideo) applies to any role in the business. […]

Book - Thrive As A Tester

How To Thrive As A Web Tester – the book

I’m very grateful for my career and everything I have experienced, but I wish I’d been mentally stronger at times and worried less about certain aspects of my career. That’s why I have written a new book. It’s a book for myself now, and 20 years ago. It’s a book I wished I’d had back then, and a book I’m glad I can refer to now. […]

Some thoughts on starting a blog

Some thoughts on starting a blog

Blogging has been, without a doubt, one of the most amazing aspects of my career and creative life. I started a blog way back in about 2007. My first blog was on the Google blogger platform and was all about communication and testing. The site has since been removed – I’d forgotten my password and Read more about Some thoughts on starting a blog[…]

You have a choice to design a good recruitment and on boarding process

You have a choice to design a good recruitment and on boarding process

You always have a choice. Leave it to fall apart. Leave people to follow the path of least resistance. Don’t try to improve anything. You could do this, but don’t be surprised when people aren’t complimentary about your hiring and joining process. Don’t be surprised if they leave your company after just a few weeks or months, or they don’t accept the job, or on Day 1 they wonder why they joined. […]

Book - Join Our Company

How to hire and onboard Technologists – the book

The tech world moves fast. New technology. New consumer markets. New coding languages. New delivery methodologies. And for some companies, new ways of hiring and on boarding technology professionals. Sadly though, there are still many companies struggling to find, attract, hire and onboard new hires with grace, dignity and efficiency. So I wrote a book Read more about How to hire and onboard Technologists – the book[…]