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Everybody is a genius, if they’re working with their strengths

Everybody is a Genius, if they're working with their strengths

As a manager it’s important to make sure you have the right people in the right place to deliver the right results. It’s important also that your people are playing as much to their strengths as possible. It’s also important to judge them against what they are strong at, rather than against what they may be cornered …

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The importance of processes, mapping and improving

The importance of processes, mapping and improving

A core aspect of your job as a manager should be to understand your processes and improve them. Your success lies partly in having the right processes in place. When I talk about processes at conferences and events I always get push back from managers who state they value people over process, or they don’t like …


Want to get more done – add work to your calendar

Want to get more work done_

A technique I’ve used for many years to get a lot done is to add my work to my calendar. It’s common for software professionals to avoid scheduling their work in their calendar. This may work, but in some environments this leaves room for others to book meetings. When I was working in a feature team I …


Kanban and the ultimate process

Kanban Board

Kanban boards are a common sight now in many teams. It’s not just software development teams either. I’ve seen them used by all sorts of teams. One of the common mistakes I see people making with Kanban boards is creating one that reflects the perfect process, not the process they currently have. Kanban is a …

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End of an era > The Social Tester

Front Cover Of The Social Tester Book

Cultivated management is my new blog home. It’s where I intend to share my thoughts and ideas on recruiting, managing, building learning focuses teams and personal development. But before this blog I spent 8/9 years blogging at The Social Tester. I’ve kept the blog open but I don’t intend to contribute many more articles to …

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Product Improvement Engine And Other Startup Ideas

Startup Playbook Screenshot

There’s a lot of great wisdom packaged up in this Startups Playbook by Sam Altman. It’s worth a long read. And then a re-read. And another re-read. “You want to build a “product improvement engine” in your company. You should talk to your users and watch them use your product, figure out what parts are sub-par, …