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Product Improvement Engine And Other Startup Ideas

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There’s a lot of great wisdom packaged up in this Startups Playbook by Sam Altman. It’s worth a long read. And then a re-read. And another re-read. “You want to build a “product improvement engine” in your company. You should talk to your users and watch them use your product, figure out what parts are sub-par, …

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Blazingly Simple Guide To Submitting To Conferences

There are many people who would like to speak at a conference but have a variety of reasons why they aren’t doing it. I know I found it almost impossible to stand up in front of a group of people without crumbling just a few years ago but now I’m doing big stages and Keynotes. …

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5 Techniques To Leave Stress At Work

5 techniques to help you to leave work stress

5 techniques to leave your stress at work. It can be hard holding down a busy job and then leaving the problems, challenges and stresses at work – i.e. not bringing them home with you. It’s easy to bring home periodic stress and worry and this often leads to your home life becoming affected by …

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How To Conduct A Phone Interview – 13 Ideas

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A phone interview is an excellent interview activity to include when you’re recruiting. I believe the phone interview is a really important step in the hiring process as it is an effective way for both parties (hiring manager and candidate) to speak to each other before a fully fledged face-to-face interview. The phone interview is …


How To Manage Time with people who make stuff


Paul Graham has a great article on Manager schedules and Maker schedules on his blog. It’s a post I revisit every week as I strive to work out how to balance my management tendencies with the NVM Dev team’s desire to get stuff done. In a nutshell Paul makes the point that manager schedules tend …