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The fastest checkout operator in the West (Of Sheffield)

Speeding Car

The year is 1996. Britpop is all the rage. The weather is hot. Really hot. One of the hottest summers in British history and I’m sat in a baking hot basement canteen on my lunch break. I work part-time in my local supermarket. Today, the hottest day of the year, I am at work. I’m …

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Go Forth And Share

Go Forth And Share

Some people aren’t natural sharers…..of information that is. And in the business world this lack of sharing of information and knowledge can have a profound effect. People often don’t share for nothing other than they just don’t think about it, or see the point in it. It’s not usually them being malicious. It’s not for …

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People must feel the job develops them

One of your major opportunities as a manager is to develop the people in your team. People need to feel like the job develops them. People need to feel like they are mastering something and adding value, but they also need to feel like they are growing and developing, and that you care about that …

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A commonplace book for managers

There are opportunities to learn and grow everywhere for managers. In every interaction, every meeting, every plan, every bit of feedback, from wins, from losses, from hiring, from strategy. You get it. Everywhere. We often just need to look out for these opportunities. That’s the hard part. But once you do start noticing your world …

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The number of directs is not a measure of management success

Resist the urge to derive your self-worth from the number of direct employees you have. Management isn’t about the sheer number of people you can manage. Management is about getting your business results. Any CFO worth their salt will also ask you to do that with the fewest people possible. Adding more people isn’t always …

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The dreaded “process”

Process improvement is an essential part of a manager’s job. I believe managers should be spending about 60% of their time talking to people, growing their talented individuals and cultivating themselves. The other 40% of their time should be spent improving the system. Most managers do neither and they wonder why good people leave and the …

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Don’t blame objects

It’s common to hear people blaming objects, documents and other non-living artefacts. “We built the wrong thing because the spec was wrong” “The customer’s list of requirements was wrong – it’s their fault” “The software didn’t support our process so we did it wrong” But behind each of these reasons/excuses (and the many thousands more reasons) are people. …