5 Reasons To Build A Development Team In Poland poster

5 Reasons To Build A Development Team In Poland

Over the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to help build, grow and scale a team in Wroclaw, Poland. It’s been a highlight of my career and one I shall always remember.

Poland is one of the many growing and rapidly expanding countries where the tech industry is investing heavily and the local industry is booming. Here are 5 reasons to build a development team in Poland. […]

10 Ideas for managing people who work remotely poster

10 Ideas for managing people who work remotely

If you’re building a remote team it’s super crucial to treat them the same as you would your local team – and this often means making big changes to yourself and how you work. Remote teams need more active communications and can often feel disconnected from the main office. Here are 10 Ideas for managing people who work remotely.


Go Forth And Share poster

Go Forth And Share

Some people aren’t natural sharers…..of information that is. And in the business world this lack of sharing of information and knowledge can have a profound effect.

People often don’t share for nothing other than they just don’t think about it, or see the point in it. It’s not usually them being malicious. It’s not for personal gain. It’s not for trading. It’s simply because most people don’t realise the value of sharing. They aren’t natural sharers. […]

A commonplace book for managers poster

A commonplace book for managers

There are opportunities to learn and grow everywhere for managers. In every interaction, every meeting, every plan, every bit of feedback, from wins, from losses, from hiring, from strategy. You get it. Everywhere.

We often just need to look out for these opportunities. That’s the hard part. But once you do start noticing your world more you’ll start collecting notes, observations and insights. They’ll start arriving a rapid rate simply from observing. […]