Thank you for taking part in the communication workshop.

I hope you enjoyed the session and have lots of tips and tricks to take away.

Here are some of the resources mentioned, plus some others that may be helpful.

Here are the slides.

There are more books available on my reading list.

The communication plan for managers is here –

First Impressions

Articles on Communication


Binaural Beats, meditation and mind


Want to find happiness and meaning in life? Try these three things:

  1. DISC profile – – Hat tip to @Toby James on this free DISC profile!!!
  2. Strengths Finder –
  3. Authentic Happiness –


Tools and Apps

  1. Hemingway App
  2. Workflowy
  3. Mindmup (Mind Mapping Software)
  4. XMind (Mind Mapping Software
  5. Binaural Beats App – iPhone (I use this one)
  6. Binaural Beats Therapy – Android (never used this, but a friend uses it)

Try these over the next few weeks

  1. Observe the eye colour of someone you are talking to
  2. Look out for times when someone’s body language does not match what they are saying – what did you spot? What non-verbal clues did you see
  3. Try the 3 head nods – can you get someone to keep talking whilst you head nod – how long can you achieve
  4. Try a super-hero pose next time you have a big meeting, call or talk


Thanks again for your attendance and engagement in the session. I’m glad you found it useful.