Cultivated Foundations

Management is about getting the tension between work, life and health tensing in the right way. It’s not easy and disaster can strike if you let it get out of balance. Below is the core focus of my coaching. mentoring and my general approach to building teams.

Cultivated Foundations Diagram

Health and Longevity

You need your health. You need your friends and family.

You need the tension between work and life to be tense in the right way. That “way” is personal to you, but don’t sacrifice your health and family for work. Family first.


You cannot sit still. You must be improving year on year. Not being better than others, just being better than yourself last year, last week, yesterday. Life is about moving and growing and learning.

To be a good manager requires you to learn hard things quickly.


The world of work is changing fast.

Good managers keep up with this pace. They are fast to respond to changes in culture, work and technology.

Good managers are also relevant and employable in the market place. You must be hire-able – it will impact your risk taking at work, in a positive way, if you have other options.


Good managers make the business they work for money. Good managers command higher salaries.

Generating revenue outside of work is also important – by doing this you’ll feel more in control, be more focused at work (ironically) and be willing to take the risks the business needs you to take. I cannot stress enough the importance of a side gig.

Cultural and Societal Impact

If you removed a Cultivated Manager from the business you’d leave a gap. A huge gap.

Not that they are irreplaceable – nobody is. But the gap would be obvious and it would take time to fill.


Cultivated managers are effective. They get stuff done. They hack themselves and their work and find ways to be better. They ship.

They share these techniques with their team. They help others improve. They strive to build flow, not just fill their capacity. They ask the right questions. They don’t try and do more with less, they find new ways of doing things. They value effectiveness above efficiency and realise that people are effective and machines are efficient.

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