Cultivated Management Core Guiding Principles

These principles are my principles to management. They change as I do. You may resonate with them.

Cultivated Principles

  1. Better is a beautiful word – we can always be better
  2. Treat People Like People – be kind and treat people as you wish to be treated
  3. If you’re not having fun with it, be done with it – management and work should be fun for you and your team
  4. Build stable teams & flow work through them – empower teams and provide autonomy
  5. Communicate with clarity – all good leaders and managers are clear communicators
  6. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn – they are essential for improving
  7. Knowledge and understanding can only be achieved by studying – there are many ways of studying but to improve anything you must first understand it, and that requires studying
  8. The other way will also work – let’s not be dogmatic about a way of working, lead with kindness instead.
  9. Don’t inflict help – ask if someone needs help first.
  10. Why think small? – Set lofty goals and tackle big problems.
  11. If it doesn’t feel right, make it right – we are all responsible for changing our work.
  12. Value output, not confidence or the number of hours worked – result matter, the number of hours worked don’t – effectiveness is what is important.