Cultivated Management Seminar

There are countless philosophies about management and each one will work (in some context).

The Cultivated Management approach though is about getting business results quickly and smoothly, whilst focusing on improving the world of work (i.e. the system that people work in) and treating people like people.

The Cultivated Management approach roughly translates into following:

  1. 70% of your time is spent improving processes, dealing with cross team challenges, improving the flow of work and communication and setting clear and consistent goals.
  2. 20% of your time should be spent with your individuals contributors. Helping them, coaching them, training, listening, recruiting – building relationships.
  3. 10% of your time should be spent improving your own skills, awareness and learning from the work you’re doing (on the job training). I also include in here budgets, dealing with HR/corporate policy standards (perf reviews etc)

It’s common for managers to spend most of their time “managing” people. But good people in a broken system have little chance of success. It’s therefore more effective to spend your time managing the system instead.

This seminar will inspire you to become the manager you want to be whilst giving you a 21 Day toolbox to start moving towards the best version of yourself.

  • Seminar Limit – No Limit
  • Location – On-site / Training facility
  • Seminar Type – Lectures / Some question time
  • Duration – Half Day

Supporting Articles and Literature

To book email – hello@cultivatedmanagement.com

Cultivated “21 Days of Management”

21 ideas about management to try everyday. Only 21 ideas, but a lifetime of learning and practice.

  1. What are you expected to deliver?
  2. Set goals – big, freaking scary goals.
  3. Become insanely organised.
  4. Focus on behaviours.
  5. Be visibly passionate and enthusiastic.
  6. Choose your battles wisely.
  7. Remove policy books.
  8. Improve your communication.
  9. Instigate “mistake improvement plans”.
  10. Mandate learning.
  11. What do people want in life? Help them get it.
  12. Discover your strengths and weaknesses. Which weakness are you working on next?
  13. Insulate yourself from the madness.
  14. Develop trade skills.
  15. Stay healthy. Help others too.
  16. Relish problems. Move past them. If it hurts keep doing it.
  17. Avoid gossip and defensiveness – put your heart in to it – it’s less tiring.
  18. Practice. Change.
  19. Consistency is better than flat out then burn out.
  20. Make work fun. Not having fun with it. Be done with it.
  21. Ask questions

To book email – hello@cultivatedmanagement.com