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Releasing Agility is easier than many managers or executives realise. The reason so many people find it hard to release agility is because they throw away management with the Agile Bath Water, so to speak.

In a bid to become “Agile” many companies remove management, or encourage them to not get involved too much. This is wrong. Management are the catalyst for releasing agility – after all, they are the ones responsible for business results, people and the system they work in.

Who better to release agility than the very people who have the most influence?

I believe in management. And in this workshop I work with execs and managers to understand the core principles of what it means to release agility.

We cover the core premise, work through what this will look like for your organisation and tease out your current blockers and problems. We then brainstorm ideas, come up with a plan and assign some owners.

This is not really a workshop, it’s an agile planning session and as such it’s very personal, very related to your business and the outcomes must come from your own people. I can only teach so much, the strategy and plan must come from those closest to the work.

Agility – “the power of moving quickly and easily towards your goal or purpose”

Release – “to free from confinement”

There is a 5 step process to releasing agility


Releasing Agility - 5 Steps

Releasing Agility – 5 Steps


Releasing Agility follows a simple process :

  • Step 1 – Paint a picture of the future.
    • Why are you doing what you’re doing?
    • Communicate it clearly and easily to everyone.
    • Get people amped and stoked to be working with you on this amazing bright future.
  • Step 2 – Identify what is stopping you achieving this future state.
    • Why are you not already doing what you need to be doing?
    • This requires studying real problems; not myths, rumours, opinions and conjecture.
  • Step 3 – Build a team with the right strengths and behaviours to overcome the obstacles.
    • Cooperation, good communication and a sense of team spirit are essential.
    • As a manager or leaders you should be able to say with confidence and commitment that “This is the team to get it done”. If you can’t – you have some work to be done.
  • Step 4 – Define and refine the very behaviours needed to overcome the obstacles.
    • Hire against these, fire against these and manage against these.
    • Behaviours, what people do everyday, are your company culture.
    • Your company ethos, style and culture will be different to others – so refinement of what’s expected is a long term project
  • Step 5 – Iterate, learn and build productivity systems that support the behaviours and habits identified in Step 4.

Your People Need A Plan Too

As you embark on releasing agility you’ll need a compelling why, need to be able to articulate that well and be able to rally people around the why.

Your people in the team need a plan too.

Your People Need a Plan

Your People Need a Plan

Your Managers Must Own The Releasing Of Agility

As part of the journey it’s on your management team to own the releasing of agility.

Your managers must own releasing agility

Your managers must own releasing agility

I believe a good manager will split their time like this:

  1. 70% of time is spent improving processes, dealing with cross team challenges, improving the flow of work and communication and setting clear and consistent goals.
  2. 20% of time should be spent with your individuals contributors. Helping them, coaching them, training, listening, recruiting – building relationships.
  3. 10% of time should be spent improving your own skills, awareness and learning from the work you’re doing (on the job training). I also include in here budgets, dealing with HR/corporate policy standards (perf reviews etc)

It’s common for managers to spend most of their time “managing” people. But good people in a broken system have little chance of success. It’s therefore more effective to spend your time managing the system instead.

Equally, under performing people never live up to a good system.

You need both an effective system and good people to release agility.

This workshop and seminar will inspire you to become the manager you want to be whilst giving you a plan for how to move forward in your organisation.

  • Workshop / Seminar– No Limit
  • Location – On-site / Training facility
  • Seminar Type – Lectures /Activities / Co-Create Planning / Question time
  • Duration – Half Day

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