Do You Want To Push Your Career Further?

I suspect the answer is YES PLEASE!

But in what direction do YOU want to move?

Do you know your STRENGTHS and work environment PREFERENCES or what makes you HAPPY?

Are your communication skills HOLDING you back?

I can help you with these things and more.

Career planning, using your strengths and fixing communication challenges are my specialism when it comes to coaching.

How I applied it to my career


In my own career I transitioned from a software tester to a Test Manager to an Agile Coach to an Engineering Manager to a Vice President in HR to a Business Owner.

All of this was possible by painting a clear picture of what I want in life, setting a clear direction, understanding my strengths, working on my weaknesses (when they held me back), building an effective Personal Knowledge Management System and relentlessly improving my communication skills.

Along the way I helped transition a waterfall tech team –> to a team releasing agility and getting better every day – they were described by an experienced agile coach as “Frighteningly Agile“.

I then moved to HR and created “The least evil HR team ever” – which I took as a compliment :).

But I didn’t focus on the usual TECHNICAL skills many managers do.

I focused on communication skills, relationship skills and building strong habits and behaviours. After all, culture is nothing more than what people do everyday – so I focused myself and those in my teams on improving their behaviours.

I took on blogging, improving my LinkedIn presence and speaking at conferences to help build my confidence, skills and brand.

Rob Presenting

And with this focus my career took off, my salary quadrupled and I was able to branch off to become my own boss.

My team excelled and I’m proud of what they have gone on to do in their own careers.

And that’s what I can SHARE with you.

This is the value I can bring to you through coaching and direct guidance. I can help you take on your own career journey.

Whether that’s:

  • Planning a direction to go in
  • Painting a bright picture of the future
  • Setting goals
  • Uncovering strengths and weaknesses
  • Defining and fixing the communication gaps holding you back
  • Changing habits and behaviours
  • Creating a social media presence to help your career
  • Becoming a Keynote presenter
  • Learning how to overcome obstacles at work
  • Become an expert at building relationship power
  • And more.

Check out what my team had to say on LinkedIn recommendations.

Helen - LinkedIn




So – if you want to work on a personal coaching session about any of the above then don’t hesitate.

How it works

  • Step 1 – I ask you to complete “The Trinity” of personal development – DISC, Happiness, Strengths ready for the session.
  • Step 2 – You fill out a simple questionnaire to allow me to focus my attention on the session.
  • Step 3 – We have an hour and a half of outstanding personal coaching.
  • Step 4 – I send you an outcome report and plenty of extra resources to keep you busy after the session
  • Step 5 – Your career moves in the direction you want it to.

If you’re happy with the coaching session, you send me the payment of £150. If you’re not happy – let me know and there will be no charge and I will take your feedback to improve my service.

If that sounds epic, kick off the process now, book your confidential personal development session with me.

Email to book a session