I wonder what would happen if every single company had a department dedicated to creating cool stuff?

Ideas, products, workplace initiatives, new ways to promote, new HR idea, new market ideas, new marketing ideas, new product communications.

If their only job was to improve the business, generate cool ideas.

It wouldn’t even need to be a department. It could be a small team dedicating just a few hours a week to this. What would come up? What would be created?

It’s like the Google 10% day, hack-a-thons and ShipIt Days. I’ve seen these initiatives drive really good ideas. A more relentless focus on this in every company could set them apart from the competition.

What it would do though, is create a significant number of experiments to run. And experiments keep a team moving forward. Experiments are important. Experiments make the work place better. And if you aren’t experimenting and don’t have ideas to explore – then consider generating a department of cool.