“And for gosh’s sake, watch your language!”

Tony Stark, Superhero. Film : Avengers – Age of Ultron


When I first published the 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees and started presenting the associated Keynote, I got asked the same question from my readers and viewers ; “if you could pick just one of the behaviours which one would it be?” (You can grab a free copy of the book here btw)

It is a good question and really easy to answer – Good Communication Skills.

Develop Good Communication Skills – A Real Super-power

I call communication skills a Super-Power in the world of business.

With good communication skills you will be able to actively listen and take in the world around you through clever non-verbal observations (also known as “tells”). You will be able to clarify what others are saying, ask suitable questions and understand deeply someone else’s point of view.

You will be able to write clearly and concisely, you will resonate with those you wish to and be able to articulate your ideas better. You will be able to handle yourself in difficult situations and have tricky conversations (an essential skill for good managers) and you will be able to present your ideas in a way very few of your colleagues ever could.

In a nutshell good communication skills are essential for being a good manager and essential for your career progression.

So if you’re going to focus on any one of the ten behaviours – then focus on communication skills.


  • Attend courses and seminars 
  • Read every book you can on communication skills (I’m creating a collection of good reads here)
  • Start to spot when your communication is letting you down and try to figure out why and when.
  • Spot others who you think have good communication skills and observe what they do differently – try and copy their techniques, but always add your own flavour and style.
  • Surf the web and find good resources
  • Stay tuned to this blog as I’ll be ramping up the posts about communication skills
  • Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for deeper insights and more daily shares about tactics and strategies for improving your communication skills as a manager.

Good communication skills really as a super-power in the world of business – go and develop yours, but remember – use them for good only 🙂