One challenge you may face as a manager is how you measure yourself and your effectiveness.

Your business results is a good measure, but it’s often your team that deliver those, not you directly. Of course, you have an impact on that, but does that measure you directly?

Throughout my career I’ve never been able to find anything close to a solid number to measure my effectiveness. Quantitative data eludes me. Drop me a mail if you’ve conquered this.

Staff retention rate is a common number to look at, but despite the old adage of “people leave a bad manager, not a bad job”, there really are so many other factors at play that if you took this number alone, you’d be unfairly attributing success and failure to you. Trust me. People will still leave. People will still stay.

It’s also not uncommon to receive very little feedback as a manager. Yet, this is the feedback I use to measure myself. Qualitative feedback is important and valuable. I’ve been lucky in my career to have a number of my directs give me feedback. This feedback is treasured. It’s why I do what I do.

It was incredibly heartwarming when I moved out of Dev in to HR, and a number of my directs sent me messages of thank you for being their manager. This feedback is awesome. This is the measure I would encourage you to seek out and use. This is the measure I use. It’s also the hardest to get and most infrequent kind of feedback. So keep referring back to it. Keep reading it. Keep treasuring it.

How are you going to measure your effectiveness as a manager?