One of the things I’ve come to realise over my time as a manager is that things are rarely as bad as you think they are. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you have those inevitable challenges that all managers face.

On the other side of the coin though, things are rarely as good as you think they are. To have a high means to have a low by contrast. So try not to get carried away when the high hits.

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Over time they balance out and you should really be having more highs than lows – there are some clues if it’s all lows 🙂

Approaching management with a Zen or Stoic attitude helps. It’s not good, nor bad, it just is.

The problem is you run the risk of disengaging, from having your principles squashed with little resistance and of course, of being ineffective at standing up for what is right.

Balance is sought. But try not to get to carried away with either swing of the pendulum. High, low – stay focused, stay positive, stay resilient, stick with it, this too will pass, enjoy the moments, treasure the highs.

In a nutshell – keep your eye on your goals, principles and values – and ride through the journey enjoying both the highs and the lows. Life as a manager is hard, but it is rewarding. To keep your head whilst others about you lose theirs is a gift rarely seen in management.

This animated talk by Alan Watts sums up the complexity of good and bad fortune.