Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Seneca. Writer.

A truth that all managers should confront and hold as part of their work is that good people will leave. Your job as a manager is to retain good people. You should work hard to ensure the work you are doing is so interesting, exciting, meaningful and challenging that good people want to join you, and then stay.

But accept the reality that people will leave.

I have always had a personal goal that when someone does leave my team they are the best candidate on the market. They are superbly placed to move their career forward and take what they have learned somewhere else. This means that when they are working with you they are adding a ton of value, you are doing a great job coaching and they are pushing their learning. Everyone wins.

And if your work is no longer compelling, or a better offer pops up, then so be it. At least you’ve done your best as a manager – and that’s all anyone can realistically ask for. And the chances are that if you’re doing a great job as a manager then good people won’t be leaving you anyway 🙂