Your job as a manager is to remove the nonsense from the work.

There will always be bad work, painful work, tough work – to have good work you have to have some bad work. (I’m not talking about illegal or immoral work here – avoid that at all costs)

But the nonsense work. The bureaucratic work. The pointless work. The futile tasks. The duplicate work. The failure demand. Your job is to remove this.

But how do you know where to focus?


Listen to your team.

The people doing the work will be best placed to improve the work and, if you create a safe environment, they’ll have no qualms in sharing with you what is wrong.

Listen to their complaints, suggests and ideas on how to improve the work and the business – they are likely spot on.

Then put a plan together on how to address the nonsense.

Now you just need to allow people to work on their strengths to make the business better.