Security will become a differentiator in the market

Secure it.

Security will be a defining feature for almost all products and services in the future.

The security of your customer information and data will be a differentiator in the market. People will choose a company who take security seriously. People will demand a secure process. People will ask how you approach security.

  • Are you protecting customer data?
  • Are you taking security seriously?
  • Are you developing good processes and a constant process improvement?

As consumers and businesses strive to protect their data, you’ll see a growing focus on building a highly secure product and process.

As a manager you can influence this.
You can champion security.
You can own it.

If it’s currently not in place you can raise awareness of the importance of security, not just from a commercial point of view, but from a good business point of view too.

Consider security as a priority. At some point you will be glad you did.

If you want to excel as a manager in any industry, spending some time understanding how you can add security as an element of your process, product or service that you bake in to your team, is a good thing.

And as a manager it’s something you can do.