Want to level-up your management and business results? Get Cultivating.

Cultivated Mentoring

Mentoring is a fast track to results, tooling and insights. By having a strong mentor you can literally shave years off your learning. Mentoring is a powerful way to boost your effectiveness, elevate your career and grow your team’s capability.

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Cultivated Consulting

Having been through epic team change, hired 100s of technical people, scaled agile, built satellite offices in Poland, brought in consistent and respectful management, built communication plans, trained many people in communication and build strong career progression paths, it’s fair to say I might be able to help you with some tech business challenges you might face.

Don’t waste your money though. Don’t throw money at me if the foundations aren’t in place. I’d rather you saved your cash. The good news is I can help you with the foundations too.

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Cultivated Coaching

This is a 60 minute coaching session where you’re at the very centre of the process.

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Cultivated Training

I have a few core training workshops that I can run at your event or business. These cover:

  • Communication Skills
  • Zero to Keynote
  • Becoming an effective manager
  • Hiring and Retaining Staff

For more information visit the Cultivated Training page.

Cultivated Speaking

If you’re looking for an inspiring talk then I can deliver.

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The Poland Potential

If you’re looking to open an office in Poland or expand your team using outsource companies in Poland, then I can help you. Find out more on our Poland Potential page.