Cultivated Coaching Sessions

Are you stuck in your career? Having problems in your new role as manager? Want to be a better communicator?

Then don’t hesitate to get in touch and let’s have a 1:1 personal coaching session.

You’re at the centre of the session. We’ll deep dive in to what’s blocking you or holding you back. We’ll talk strategies, ideas, resources to consume and absolute tasks that will lead to improvements.

It will be fun, high energy and you’ll come away with your mind on fire with the potential you have to move forward.

I work hard before and after to make sure you get the best from your 60 minute session. After the session you’ll get a personal Cultivated Management action plan with learning resources, strategies, tactics and next steps.

We can do one off sessions or recurring sessions. It’s entirely up to you. The thing that will surprise you, is just how many ideas, strategies and tactics you’ll come away with in just an hour.

This is a 60 minute coaching session.

Each session is £100 for one hour.

Email me to find out more or to book a session.

What can I help you with?

  • Becoming a manager
  • Leading with clarity and kindness
  • Engineering Management
  • Bringing Agile to your organisation
  • Testing and Test Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Process Improvement
  • Personal Development and learning
  • Career Development
  • Hiring, recruitment and interviewing