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Upcoming Public Course

Communication SuperPower Image


January 26th 2018 – Communication Skills at Work – The Superpower Workshop – Winchester, UK – Details and Tickets here.



Cultivated Communication Skills – A SuperPower at work

Do you wish you were more confident?

Do you wish you were more assertive?

Do you wish you could write clearly, hold an audiences attention during a talk or be a better listener?

Very few education systems teach communication skills as a standard and few workplaces teach these skills either – so it’s no surprise that very few people in the workplace communicate well!

My award winning communication skills training course is here to help you, and your team, develop a SuperPower at work. Communication skills really can help you excel in your work, enhance your career, solve a myriad of business problems and enhance your effectiveness.

The course is super accessible, a lot of fun, very interactive and mind-blowing.

It’s so much fun delivering this course, and that energy rubs off on the attendees who leave this course energised and their heads full of insights.

More details and pricing here.


Cultivated Manager

When people become managers it’s not uncommon to have little to no training. It’s kind of assumed that management is easy, and can be done however you want, and you’ll get amazing results. It’s why there are so many terrible managers at large in the Tech industry (well – every industry really). It’s not because their intentions are bad – far from it – it’s mostly because nobody is training them, giving them feedback or explaining what the role of management is.

There are countless philosophies about management and each one will work (in some context). Although some are morally dubious and the culture some managers create can be toxic.

I prefer management to be about removing blockers, improving the world of work, hiring good people and treating people like  people. What does this mean?

Well, it translates as roughly the following

  1. 80% of your time should be spent improving processes, dealing with cross team challenges, improving the flow of work and communication, setting clear and consistent visions and values and leading by example.
  2. 10% of your time should be spent improving your own skills, awareness and learning from the work you’re doing (on the job training). I also include in here budgets, dealing with HR/corporate policy standards (perf reviews etc)
  3. 10% of your time should be spent with your individuals contributors. Helping them, coaching them, training, listening, recruiting – building relationships.

Most managers have their management the wrong way around. They spend most of their time working”on” their people, but the reality is good people in a crap system/process will not achieve.

The beauty of fixing the nonsense and friction in people’s day to day lives is that you get engagement, enablement and happy staff as a side effect.

If you want happy and productive staff, smooth flows of work and communication, engaged teams and cross team co-operation then start by training management.

More details of the content here.

Zero to Keynote

My zero to keynote workshop takes you on a journey from wherever you are with presenting, to the next level.

I approach the workshop with safety and security in mind – presenting can be daunting, so I start slow. I then ramp up.

Expect to have to present though!

I cover ideas generation, slides, presenting, questions, owning the room, potential dragons and much more.

I give you ideas on how to make sure every talk you give can be a keynote.

This is for anyone presenting, in any situation – business meetings, sales pitches, conferences, industry talks.


More details of the course content here.

Cultivated Hiring

A fun workshop on how to hire, build a pipeline, use social media for recruiting, hire for culture, keep out of trouble during an interview and then on-board people effectively.

A full day course.

£3500 per day (plus expenses) – £175 per person for a full days training based on max capacity of 20.

More details of the content here.

Releasing Agility

Coming soon – an agile training day for managers.

This isn’t your usual Agile 101, it’s about how to use clarity of communication, process improvement, management by behaviours and levers of change to bring agile to your team. You don’t have to be working in tech to sit this course – I’ve successfully rolled agile in to HR recently too!

For more details and booking requests please email me –> hello@cultivatedmanagement.com


The Better Web Tester

Coming soon a new course designed around helping your testers be better.

This is 50% attitude and thinking about testing. 50% web testing techniques.

The goal of this course is to create web testers who are disciplined, communicative, efficient at tester, well versed in asking tough questions and good at finding bugs.