Rob Lambert is an award-winning trainer, Keynote presenter and manager. He’s the father of three adorable boys, a persistent technical process improver and serial career advisor.

He can be booked to present bespoke presentations or workshops for your business, conference or event.

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Rob Lambert is the founder of Cultivated Management and Parent Brain. He is also the Vice President of Engagement and Enablement at a fast growing technology company.

Rob is a career development specialist who deeply understands the drive and nuances of building strong technology teams, improving the system of delivery and putting people in to roles that play to their strengths.

By day Rob is a strategist on how to build engaged teams and develop people’s full potential at work – this is the energy and skill Rob brings to Cultivated Management. At night Rob is focussing his little spare time on helping parents remain relevant, employable and productive at Parent Brain.

Rob has a Bachelor of Science in Media Science from Sheffield Hallam University and has more than fifteen years experience of building effective teams. Rob’s mission with Cultivated Management is to help managers build epic agile teams and not burn out in the process.

Rob is the author of many books, is a well known International Keynote speakers and runs an award winning communication workshop.

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Speaker Topics

As well as the following staple talks I can also deliver a bespoke talk for your company. In order for it to be outstanding, I do require some notice to duly put in the right level of effort.

10 Behaviours of Effective Employees

My signature talk. The 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees is a fun and fast paced talk that will inspire you and your team/audience to get out there and become effective.

I’ve also kindly written a free book for you.

Becoming a manager

My latest talk introducing Big Bad Pete. A nightmare manager.

And then how to not be like Pete. #dontbelikepete

Moving to Weekly Releases

My staple Keynote for inspiring Development teams to move to regular releases and how to do it –> by making testing an activity for all.

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Rob Lambert is VP of Employee Engagement and Enablement at a fast paced technology company called NewVoiceMedia. Rob is also the owner of Cultivated Management, an online resource for those new to the challenging world of management. Rob started his career as a Software Testing, then an Engineering Manager and has now moved sideways in to HR.

Rob’s mission is to inspire help managers build epic teams and not burn out in the process. It would be nice if he could rid the tech world of command and control style management too.

Rob is the author of Remaining Relevant And Employable, a book about remaining relevant and employable in today’s changing employment world.

Rob also runs a newsletter called Parent Brain, where he thinks big about the future of parenting.

He’s on Twitter at @rob_lambert and Instagram at @simplylambert

Rob is an advocate for many important social causes, is obsessed with technology in society and has written a number of books about software delivery, customer excellence and community building. He likes photography and classic cars.

He is married with three kids and lives in historic Winchester, UK.