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With a wider awareness you will be surprised less often

Awareness Fields

“My only advice is to stay aware, listen carefully, and yell for help if you need it.” ― Judy Blume, Author The wider your awareness the less surprised you will be. But in order to be surprised less often you need to listen, embrace help from others and take an active approach in widening your …

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3 Reasons to run your own technology conference

Badges at WAD 2.0

Running your own public conference can be a great way to give back to your community, grow your team’s presentation skills and stand out in a busy market as a company for people to come and work for. This is exactly why we ran Wroclaw Agile Days a few weeks back in Wroclaw, Poland. (All …

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Go Forth And Share

Go Forth And Share

Some people aren’t natural sharers…..of information that is. And in the business world this lack of sharing of information and knowledge can have a profound effect. People often don’t share for nothing other than they just don’t think about it, or see the point in it. It’s not usually them being malicious. It’s not for …

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A commonplace book for managers

There are opportunities to learn and grow everywhere for managers. In every interaction, every meeting, every plan, every bit of feedback, from wins, from losses, from hiring, from strategy. You get it. Everywhere. We often just need to look out for these opportunities. That’s the hard part. But once you do start noticing your world …

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The barrier is really low to learn

The barrier to learning something new is really quite low. There are online courses, eBooks, libraries, blogs galore, webinars, videos and meet ups. The barrier to learn from any one of these sources is tiny for most people. The ability to connect and find sources of learning has dramatically shifted in the last decade or …