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How do you want to measure yourself?

One challenge you may face as a manager is how you measure yourself and your effectiveness. Your business results is a good measure, but it’s often your team that deliver those, not you directly. Of course, you have an impact on that, but does that measure you directly? Throughout my career I’ve never been able …

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People are not efficient, but they can be effective

A few year’s back I attended a talk by Dr Paul Thomas about banning the boss and removing management. It was a brilliant talk and the sentiment is very sound – leave people alone to their job. One quote that stood out for me and resonated deeply was this: People are not efficient, but they can …

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A Blazingly Simple Guide To Turning Around a Team

Turning Around a Team This guide is about turning around a failing or fledgling team (or growing a new team) in just 6 months. This could be turning around a failing team, changing a team’s direction (say from Waterfall to Scrum) or fixing a dysfunctional team process. 6 months’ sounds like a long time to turn …

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Everybody is a genius, if they’re working with their strengths

Everybody is a Genius, if they're working with their strengths

As a manager it’s important to make sure you have the right people in the right place to deliver the right results. It’s important also that your people are playing as much to their strengths as possible. It’s also important to judge them against what they are strong at, rather than against what they may be cornered …


How To Manage Time with people who make stuff


Paul Graham has a great article on Manager schedules and Maker schedules on his blog. It’s a post I revisit every week as I strive to work out how to balance my management tendencies with the NVM Dev team’s desire to get stuff done. In a nutshell Paul makes the point that manager schedules tend …