This workshop is for anyone wanting to improve their presentation skills.

During the day we will generate some presentation ideas, formulate a talk, create the presentation and then deliver the talk to the group.

It is hands-on and you will be presenting but we’ll create a safe and nurturing environment.

Throughout the day we will cover lots of techniques and ideas to help you to improve your presentation skills so that at the end of the day you’ll feel confident to accept that next presentation, whether that be a Keynote or a team presentation.

It’s not for the faint hearted though – it’s a fun day, chocked full of information that works and it will be intense. It will be interactive so expect to get involved. Expect people to be buzzing and wired – but in a good way.

To book email – hello@cultivatedmanagement.com

I run the workshop publicly for individuals or I can bring this to your company or event.

1 Full Day (variations can be catered for)

In house :

£3000 per day – That’s only £100 per person for a full days training based on max capacity of 30!



Why present?

In this section we’ll cover why presenting is so important and some of the benefits of presentations.

The Horror and Fear

In this section we’ll cover why “I would rather die than do a public talk” is such a common response to public speaking and what we can do about it.


How to submit and what to submit. You’ll have to do this to start with…and once you prove good at presenting the Keynotes will come rolling in.

Evolution of Your Talks

In this section we’ll cover the easiest talks to start with and how most people progress through their public speaking.

How to Generate Ideas

In this section we’ll get serious about generating ideas. Often a good talk is based on a great idea.

Purpose, Audience and Context

In this section we’ll cover why Purpose, Audience and Context is so important and how to build a talk around your knowledge of PAC.


In this section we’ll formulate a talk based on the ideas you generate. We’ll talk through some ideas and then we’ll build your talk.

Script It

In this section we’ll cover why its important to script out what you are going to say.

Slides or Not

In this section we’ll cover whether or not you need slides, and if so what format they should take.

Rehearse It

In this section we’ll cover why it’s important to rehearse it so you can’t forget it.


In this section we’ll cover some ideas on how to plan so you stack everything in your favour for doing a good talk.


In this section we’ll cover nerves and how to deal with them.


In this section we’ll cover the delivery and get serious about putting on a solid performance.

Owning the Room

In this section we’ll cover why owning the room is so important.


In this section we’ll quickly cover how to handle questions.

There Be Dragons

In this section we’ll cover what could go wrong and how to prepare for it, and deal with it.

Give It Away

In this section we’ll cover giving stuff away to your audience.


We’ll close out by discussing our presentation, and opening the floor for questions.


To book email – hello@cultivatedmanagement.com

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