Some Things About Me

When you work with me, expect fun, optimism, a relentless focus on studying the real problems and a focus on high behavioural standards

I am married with three sons who are amazing. Every day they teach me something. And make me laugh.

I live in Winchester, UK.

I started my career as a Tester, then an Engineering Manager, then a VP of HR and now as a Director of my own company.

In 2010 I wrote my name on a piece of paper and listed all of the things I wanted to do with my life. I’ve achieved many of the things on the list – but I’m still working it.

I love cars and current run a classic Mazda MX5 and a BMW 640d.

I run a podcast called Parent Brain.

I write books to chill out.

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Cultivated Charity

Every financial year I donate at least 5% of my revenue from books, courses and coaching from Cultivated Management, and my other business, Parent Brain, to charity.

I believe strongly that every person has the right to the best quality of life they can, even if that life may be short.

At least 2.5% always goes to Naomi House – a hospice in Winchester for life limited children and their parents.

2015 – Unicef (paid)

2016 – Pencils of Promise (paid)

2017 – Saving Linnea (paid)

2018 – WWF (paid)

2019 – All to Naomi House

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