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Get more done – add work to your calendar

By 12/04/2016 August 21st, 2019 2 Comments
Get more done by adding work to your calendar

A technique that can supercharge your productivity is to add work to your calendar.

It’s common for software professionals to avoid scheduling their work in their calendar. This may work, but in some environments this leaves room for others to book meetings.

When I was working in a feature team I would block significant amounts of time in my calendar to do my work. If I didn’t then someone would come along and book a meeting. I’ve already written about manager versus maker time – it’s real indeed.

The same is true now as I work as a manager who coaches, works on strategy and recruitment. If it’s not in my calendar the chances are it’s not getting done.

  • Creating a training course – in my calendar
  • Creating a plan for the team – in my calendar
  • Writing a tender, report or other document – in my calendar
  • Ordering some conferences tickets – that too gets a slot on my calendar

Get more done by adding work to your calendar

My calendar then becomes my guide for the day. Also add your lunch break, quiet time for reading or thinking and any other appointment you have.

Ironically, for busy and effective people this seemingly restricted approach to work is liberating. It creates freedom because I’m no longer bouncing from shiny work to shiny work. The schedule is set for the day – and that creates a sense of freedom.

Try it for a week – see how you get on.




  • Mark Bailey says:

    Hi Rob,
    I similarly do this on my calendar. I will tentatively put in meetings (tasks) that i want to do and find i stick to them better than a to-do list. Yes sometimes i move them due to meetings, but generally people avoid the time.

    • RobLambert says:

      Great stuff Mark – I definitely stick to them better than a To Do List too 🙂