Onboarding new starters – a sample process

One of the core aspects of helping people to be effective at work starts when you first hire them. The onboarding process is crucial to helping people be effective quickly and to helping them feel welcomed to the team. Who better to own this process than management. After all, management is about achieving effective business

If you don’t trust people you manage – tell them so

If you don’t trust people you manage – tell them so – having tough conversations comes with the territory of management – or at least it should do. But having tough conversations around sensitive topics, politically tricky topics and “the truth that no-one wants to hear” requires skill. It requires confidence, good communication skills and

Agile is chaos. For some.

“Agile is chaos. It sounds chaotic to have people being able to make their own decisions around how they work.” These were the words from an audience member during a business talk I did about agile recently. For this manager the freedom many teams crave (and often need for success) was just too much. It