Becoming an effective manager is not easy. It’s rare to ever get training or a decent explanation of what it takes to become a manager.

This workshop (and upcoming online course) is for new managers, or those who feel their managerial performance could do with some improvement.

There are 21 lessons spread across the full day workshop.

Each lesson is presented in a seminar style by myself, before delegates go through a series of short activities to complete the associated activity booklet.

Once complete each person has a personal guidebook to use over the coming months to develop their abilities as a manager.

Bundled with this workshop is a follow up full-day where I return to answer questions, do personal coaching or dig deeper through each lesson. It’s impossible to teach good management in a month, let alone a day, but the inspiration and clarity that your managers and leaders will have from this workshop alone, will be enough to see them engaged in cultivating their careers.

  1. What are you expected to deliver and how are you measured?
    • Developing a clear way to express value and deliver results
  2. Set goals – big, freaking scary goals.
    • Goals are aligned to the business
    • They should be inspiring and achievable
  3. Become insanely organised.
    • Check email twice a day
    • Your calendar is crucial
    • Delegation techniques
  4. Focus on behaviours.
    • What are behaviours
    • Build a behaviour matrix
  5. Be visibly passionate and enthusiastic.
    • Align behind the mission
    • How to bring joy and enthusiasm
  6. Choose your battles wisely
    • Not everything should be fought
  7. Remove policy books
    • Focus on flow
    • Focus on people and goals – not breaking work down
  8. Improve your communication using DISC (a pre-requisite for the course)
    • Purpose, Audience, Context, Content
    • Non-verbal superpower skills
  9. Improve
    • Root cause analysis
    • Improvement process
  10. Instigate learning
    • Task focused acquisition
    • Knowledge acquisition
    • Learning on the job
  11. What do people want in life?
    • Help them get it.
  12. Discover your strengths and weaknesses.
    • Which strength are you making better?
    • Are weaknesses holding you back
  13. Insulate yourself from the madness.
    • Keep your eye on the market
    • Keep your skills sharp
  14. Develop trade skills.
    • Introduction to trade skills
  15. Stay healthy.
    • Help others too.
  16. Relish problems.
    • Move past them.
    • If it hurts keep doing it.
  17. Avoid gossip and defensiveness
  18. Practice. Change. Improve everything by 1%
  19. Consistency is better than flat out, then burn out.
  20. Make work fun.
    • Not having fun with it. Be done with it.
  21. Ask questions
    • Questions keep a business alive

Delivered as a workshop that will inspire you to become the manager you want to be whilst giving you a plan for how to move forward in your organisation.

  • Workshop
  • Duration – Half Day / Day

Price : £3000 for the day (includes return visit) – travel expenses on top.

Limit : 30 People

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