Cultivated Manager Workshop

Becoming an effective manager is not easy.

It’s rare to ever get training or a decent explanation of what it takes to become a manager.

This workshop is for new managers, or those who feel their managerial performance could do with some improvement.

Workshop Content

Throughout the workshop we’ll cover the very basics of management from building good relationships to coaching and giving people feedback.

We’ll talk about how working with your people is only half of your job – and how the other half is improving the world of work for your people.

We’ll also cover how you work for the business, not your direct reports and how achieving business results is what matters – so it pays to understand what they are!

We’ll also jump in to communication skills and a quick primer of flowing work through your “work system”. We’ll also look at process improvement by stapling yourself to work before jumping in to behaviours and why they are so important.

Typical Content

Better Relationships

Better Performance

Better Designed Jobs

Better Systems

Coaching Plans


Succession Planning


Visibly Passionate

Knowledge Sharing

Shine the light

Embrace the values (become company smart)

Delivered as a workshop that will inspire you to become the manager you want to be whilst giving you a plan for how to move forward in your organisation.

  • Workshop
  • Duration – 1 Day

Price : £3000 for the day  – travel expenses on top.

Limit : 30 People

Supporting Articles and Literature

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