Do you want to build strong pillars of personal success, balance being Effective AND being Liked and learn how to Release Agility in your organisation?

I suspect the answer is YES PLEASE to one of those!

I can help you with these things and more.

As I became a better person my career became even more successful. I became a better manager by becoming a better person. 

As I developed my pillars, increased my effectiveness and started to release agility I noticed I was getting outstanding results and wildly amazing Employee Engagement as a side effect. 

I got employee engagement for FREE!

This was what allowed me to move from being a Software Tester to Engineering Manager to Vice President of Employee Engagement and Enablement in HR to running my own business. I knew how to develop myself, my career, those I managed and the organisations I worked in. 

Side effects I saw in as an Engineering Manager were:

  • 3% Churn Rate – people didn’t leave very often – when they did – they often came back!
  • 8% Recruitment Costs – as a blended rate of recruiters, self sourced and referrals
  • SUPER HIGH Engagement Levels measured via a Pulse engagement survey
  • 10 Day Hiring Cycle Times – the elapsed time from first application to a decision (post interview) for candidates
  • CONSISTENT and PREDICTABLE delivery of work – every week, every year – economies of flow – not highs and then lows.
  • RAVING FANS – People who didn’t get hired would go and tell others how great the company was!

I can help you and your organisation achieve this – and all without a single Agile Framework or Engagement “Initiative” – just amazing communication and superb management.

Below are the many services I offer clients.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to book, have an informal chat or move ahead with anything you like on this page.

Cultivated Communications Workshop


Cultivated Communication PosterYour job as a manager or leader is to achieve business results. This is done by being Effective. But we’ve all met those people who are effective, but people dislike them.

Equally, there are plenty of people in our organisations who are super nice. So nice. Like Teddy Bears. But people wonder what they actually do – and why they still have a job.

As a manager your job is to tread the fine line between being Effective AND Liked. Sometimes you have to be liked but less effective. Other times you must be effective at the risk of being disliked.

Through nurturing and developing your communication skills you will be able to tread this line more carefully in a controlled and specific manner. This means understanding other people, controlling your own communication and constantly learning how to a better communicator – and then altering your behaviour when needed.

The communication workshop is a half or full day workshop. It is based around several modules that can be “plugged” in depending on the problems the workshop is solving.

For example, if presenting is a weakness within the organisation we can plug in the presentation module. There are a few Core modules – the underpinning of the workshop that all half day or full day sessions include :

  • The basics of communication
  • The DISC profile and uncovering our own preferences
  • Why communication is important
  • Effective non-verbal communication
  • How to write like a pro
  • Effective presenting
  • Networking, coaching, feedback
  • And more

Price : £3000

Limit : 30 People

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Scott Summers –
DIRECTOR, nFocus Testing

“I knew Rob was a great speaker as I’d seen him present at a number of industry conferences so I had high expectations of the communications workshop he delivered to my team. He exceeded them all! He consulted with me to understand what we wanted to achieve and then facilitated a jam packed workshop that had something for everyone. Rob’s energy, expertise and amiable presenting style was a big hit with all of us and we left with new skills, insights and practical knowledge.”

Cultivated Manager Workshop

Cultivated Manager Poster

Becoming an effective manager is not easy. It’s rare to ever get training or a decent explanation of what it takes to become a manager.

This workshop (and upcoming online course) is designed for new managers, or those who feel their managerial performance could do with some improvement.

There are 21 lessons spread across the full day workshop. Each lesson is presented in a seminar style by myself, before delegates go through a series of short activities to complete the associated activity booklet. Once complete each person has a personal guidebook to use over the coming months to develop their abilities as a manager.

Bundled with this workshop is a follow up full-day where I return to answer questions, do personal coaching or dig deeper through each lesson. It’s impossible to teach good management in a month, let alone a day, but the inspiration and clarity that your managers and leaders will have from this workshop alone, will be enough to see them engaged in cultivating their careers.

Price : £3000 for the day (includes return visit) – travel expenses on top.

Limit : 30 People

Find out more here.

Zero To Keynote Workshop

Zero To Keynote PosterThis presentation training is not about “going big and going home”, “walk here – walk there – open arms”, yada yada yada.

This workshop is about getting results that are relevant to you and your communication style.

Everyone has the ability to deliver a presentation that knocks people’s socks off.  Everyone.

There are 12 deliciously simple principles – and we’ll work through them all – with plenty of opportunity for people to fine tune their presenting style. And of course, we’ll start the session by understanding your own DISC profile.

Strictly limited to 10 people as this workshop is intensive. But the results are staggering.

Price : £3000

Limit : 10 People

Find out more here.

Agile Habits Workshop

Agile Habits Poster

The Agile Habits workshop is designed for managers, leaders and Agilists. People who are looking beyond a single agile framework towards the habits and discipline required to Release Agility and bring about change.

In this workshop we will cover the following:

  • Understand why habits are so important to agile success
  • Understand what is holding you back and how to identify this
  • Learn about the anatomy of a habit
  • Why habits can be both good and bad
  • Learn about compound interest and why long running habits are so hard to break
  • Investigate several techniques to implant new habits
  • Learn how to make habits stick
  • Walk through what an agile productivity system is and how to experiment and iterate to find the most suitable for your context – along with some great examples from our own experience.
  • Cover how to make these systems resilient, reliable and robust using habits and good discipline.
  • Deep dive on why habits and behaviours define your company culture and what you can do about it.

This workshop is delivered by Rob Lambert and Helen Lisowski – often together, sometimes on our own. State your preferences in the booking. 

Price : £3000

Limit : 30 People

Hiring and On-boarding Technologists Consulting AND Training

To be successful you need the right people in the right place, at the right time.

Design for WOW

We all get to decide what our hiring and on-boarding experience should be from the candidate or new starters perspective. Do we want it to be WTF, MEH or WOW?

Sadly, most companies leave hiring and recruiting to HR when it should belong with management. And many companies leave it to chance and put little effort in to making it WOW.

The reality is, a well designed and effective hiring and on-boarding process helps make the candidate experience a WOW experience, builds trust, drives high levels of engagement and makes people productive and effective quickly.

Based around my book “Join Our Company” this is available as a Consultancy service.

Or a Training Day priced at £3000 per day. 

Details of the course are here.

Releasing Agility Consulting

What the heck is Releasing Agility?

I don’t talk very often about “Agile” or “agile” – I prefer to talk about “Releasing Agility”.

Releasing Agility can happen in any team and in any industry.

Agility – “the power of moving quickly and easily towards your goal or purpose”

Release – “to free from confinement”

Cultivated Change - 5 Stages Poster

In other words – I help you move more quickly and easily towards your business goals, by removing the friction that stands between where you are NOW and where you WANT TO BE.

Of course, this means you need to know where you’re going – if you don’t – I can help you with that too.

Releasing Agility follows a simple process of identifying your True North, removing blockers on the way to it, surrounding yourself with talented people, putting in place solid management and learning how to get better. Easy then? 🙂 

Find out more about how I can help your company release agility and bring about rapid change.

Only available as Consultancy.


The Poland Potential – Advisory Consultancy

One of the highlights as an Engineering Manager was helping to grow and build a team in Wroclaw, Poland. It was by far one of the most fun, rewarding, demanding, challenging but successful times in my career.

Poland Potential Poster


You may be contemplating growing a new development team in Poland, or maybe expanding your current team with further capabilities, or maybe you’re looking for a trusted out-source company to work with. I can help you.

I can shortcut your learning, circumvent some of the challenges and work with you to ensure smooth growth and landing in Wroclaw, Poland. I specialise in Wroclaw because it’s what I know. I have strong contacts and a growing network in the city and I can speak from experience – the talent is there and it’s a fabulous place.

Find out more here.


Cultivated Talks

An inspiring talk and Q&A session where I leave your team motivated and inspired to make the most of their opportunities at your organisation. Talk


As well as the following staple talks, I can also deliver a bespoke talk for your company. In order for it to be outstanding, I do require some notice to duly put in the right level of effort.

Rob Presenting


10 Behaviours Book CoverMy signature talk.

The 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees is a fun and fast paced talk that will inspire you and your team/audience to get out there and become effective.

Based on the free book – 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees.



 How to Thrive in Your Career

An inspiring talk which outlines 10 ways to take control of your career and put it to work for you.

Great for teams who need a renewed sense of enthusiasm for what you’re doing.


My staple Keynote for inspiring Development teams to move to regular releases and how to do it –> by ensuring you have the right cultural foundations in place.

PRICING : Talk and Q&A combined are priced at £1500 (typically 4 hours) + travel/accommodation expenses.

No limit to attendees.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch to book, have an informal chat or move ahead with anything you like on this page.