End of an era > The Social Tester

End of an era > The Social Tester

Cultivated management is my new blog home. It’s where I intend to share my thoughts and ideas on recruiting, managing, building learning focuses teams and personal development.

But before this blog I spent 8/9 years blogging at The Social Tester. I’ve kept the blog open but I don’t intend to contribute many more articles to it, if any at all.

But I have spent the last few months creating a new book of my favourite posts and few previously unpublished articles. I had over 500 posts which I’ve whittled down to 106 for the book.

They are my favourites, my top rated (what to do with a brick receives literally thousands of hits a week!!!) and some articles I just never got around to posting.

The book is on Amazon.

Front Cover Of The Social Tester Book

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  1. Good luck with the new blog – everything has a season and the hardest thing is to know when to move on, especially when you have invested so much time and effort into this, so the book is a great idea.

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