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Improve Your Memory With MOM

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Improve your memory with MOM

I’ve been practicing with a new technique to improve my memory for the last few months with great success. Improve Your Memory With MOM is a great approach.

It’s an approach by a man called Jim Kwik who uses the acronym MOM to help you improve your learning.

Improve your memory with MOM

Floppy Disc

Floppy Disc
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It’s actually remarkable how much more I remember simply by following the MOM advice. I’ve no doubt that MOM will help to improve your memory.

  • M – Motivation.
  • O – Observation.
  • M – Mechanics.


It’s funny how simply finding the right motivation to remember something is so crucial to actually remembering it. When I started to pay attention and provide a motivation for remembering something I remembered it!

For example, if you’re at an event and you meet 10 people then you’ll likely not remember all 10 names. But if before the event I was to tell you that if you remembered all 10 people’s names then they would each donate £10k to your preferred charity – you’ll likely remember all 10 of them. You have a motivation. Motivation helps memory.


Ever misplace your car keys? The chances are you didn’t misplace them, you simply didn’t notice where you put them in the first place.

When I started paying attention to the things around me and I became more present in my daily life I started to forget less. I had less moments where I didn’t know where something was, or why I was in a room, or what i was looking for. Simply by observing life around you, you will start to remember more.

Observation is all about noticing this things you want to remember.


This is all about finding hacks and tips to help you remember better. These are often quite personal as what works for you, may not work for someone else. But there is little point in having the mechanics nailed if you aren’t motivated to remember and you don’t observe that which happens around you.

Jim Kwik’s blog is absolutely worth subscribing to – full of great advice for improving your memory and learning capacity.