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Studio Built + Desk Tour

By 09/08/2022 No Comments

In a slight detour from the usual videos, I thought I would share with you my new studio build, and for those that like this sort of thing, a desk tour.

You’ll find the video below along with a list of all of the products mentioned in the video below that.

It’s been a long time coming. As a small business owners, it was a choice between four potential options:

  1. Designing in a new room to our house renovations – but cost per SqM on the house was WAY more than building something in the garden.
  2. Using the existing giant shed in the garden. I did convert part of it but it was damp and didn’t meet building regs
  3. Renting studio / office space in a local business park or desk share building. I did rent a space for a couple of months and it was great but the costs soon rack up.
  4. Build a new garden studio – which I did!

It’s taken a lot of planning and a lot of saving but I got there. I have a new space for work, play, creativity and of course, serious media publishing.

I hope to make full use of this space to make more videos, write more books, create more art and do more good work for you all.

Here’s a video if you’re interested. And a big shout out to Sanctum Garden Studios who did a great job building this thing! And Winchester Blinds for fitting the blinds.

Products Mentioned in the video

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