Agile is chaos. For some.

“Agile is chaos. It sounds chaotic to have people being able to make their own decisions around how they work.” These were the words from an audience member during a business talk I did about agile recently. For this manager the freedom many teams crave (and often need for success) was just too much. It

Your people need a plan too

“Do you ever get the feeling that there’s something going on that we don’t know about?” Diner, Film. Making epic change within an organisation is hard. In fact, in some organisations making small changes is hard. If you’re struggling with making lasting change, trying to initiate change or thinking of making some changes, then maybe

So you want to be a Scrum Master?

We wrote a book for hackathon! It’s called “So you want to be a scrum master?” and is on LeanPub. It’s for those that want to be a scrum master 🙂 But why a book? Why during Hackathon? We run a few hackathons each year at work. We started the activity as a good way