How To Thrive As A Web Tester – the book

Book - Thrive As A Tester

I’m very grateful for my career and everything I have experienced, but I wish I’d been mentally stronger at times and worried less about certain aspects of my career. That’s why I have written a new book. It’s a book for myself now, and 20 years ago. It’s a book I wished I’d had back then, and a book I’m glad I can refer to now.

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End of an era > The Social Tester

Front Cover Of The Social Tester Book

Cultivated management is my new blog home. It’s where I intend to share my thoughts and ideas on recruiting, managing, building learning focuses teams and personal development. But before this blog I spent 8/9 years blogging at The Social Tester. I’ve kept the blog open but I don’t intend to contribute many more articles to … Read moreEnd of an era > The Social Tester