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The Pillars of Life

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Pillars of Life

The first step to becoming an amazing manager is to take control and ownership of your own Pillars of Life.

By becoming the best person you can be, you will become a better manager too.

Life is short – don’t fill it with someone else’s dreams, goals and activities. In this video I explore the pillars and offer some advice on how to balance the tension between them.

Focus on the right things, at the right time, for your season of life.

The Pillars of Life as I see them are:

  • Your education and personal development
  • Your health
  • Your family
  • Your finances and money
  • Your impact on society
  • Your productivity and effectiveness

By focussing on the Pillars of Life you’ll have more to offer your people. You’ll have a better life. You won’t give away your dreams to an organisation. You stand more chance of building the life you want.