One of the highlights as an Engineering Manager was helping to grow and build a team in Wroclaw, Poland. It was by far one of the most fun, rewarding, demanding, challenging but successful times in my career.

You may be contemplating growing a new development team in Poland, or maybe expanding your current team with further capabilities, or maybe you’re looking for a trusted out-source company to work with. I can help you.

I can shortcut your learning, circumvent some of the challenges and work with you to ensure smooth growth and landing in Wroclaw, Poland. I specialise in Wroclaw because it’s what I know. I have strong contacts and a growing network in the city and I can speak from experience – the talent is there and it’s a fabulous place.

How can Cultivated Management help?

I offer 6 steps to success. You can use 1 or more or all – it’s flexible – it all depends what problems you’re trying to solve and how much help you feel you need.

It all starts with gaining knowledge about what problem a team in Poland can help to solve and whether there is actually an alternative. Many people enter in to a new country based only on cost – they often find out that costs go up.

We can then start planning and looking at what success looks like. It might be that you need to use an outsource company rather than building your own team. We’ll bounce around some ideas and look at the numbers.

We then move on to finding locations or opening up connections to outsourcing companies already in the region.

Then we start recruiting and building a vibrant recruitment process.

Then you and your team land and start to grow the team – it must have a direct connection to your own teams to ensure success. You cannot build a remote team that has little connection to the main business – it rarely works out well.

Then it’s success. It takes time to see results from any new team no matter where they are located. That’s why I can help you with your ongoing success too. You can read more about each stage and find out more about why Poland below.

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Get Knowledge

I can help you decide whether a team in Poland makes sense for you. If the only reason you’re thinking of Poland is purely because of cost, then it might not be the right move. Companies often find that their strategies (when based around cost) add more cost to the business. But I can help you tease this out – sometimes some improvements and nurturing of your existing team, or a small local team is a more cost effective option.


I can also help you work out what success looks like, how to plan the growth and decide how the team structures will likely work. This will give you the plan you need to move forward with or without my help. Maybe you already have a plan – I can walk through that and spot any pitfalls or opportunities you may have missed.

It may make sense to grow your own team, or it might make sense to use one of the many outsources. I have strong connections with many of them and will give you impartial advice on which ones to engage with. They all have strengths and weaknesses. Each one has pros and cons.


If you decide on your own team then I have a trusted local Software management specialist who I work closely with, to find you a shortlist of trusted locations to start growing your team. My team will work with your legal specialists to make the landing in Poland seamless and legal.

Gnomes in Wroclaw

There are loads of these little Gnomes in Wroclaw.

If you decide on an outsource company then I can accompany you and your team to Poland to meet them.

No matter what option(s) you choose I am happy to join you and your team in Wroclaw to enjoy some of the local culture and get acclimatised to the wonderful city.

Recruit & Build

Recruitment can be tricky in any city and many agencies I’ve worked with in the past often have no idea what an amazing agile team member looks like – I didn’t have great success with agencies in the early days. There are lots of good candidates but finding those exceptional ones requires some local knowledge and a strong network. This is where me and my team can really help you shine by finding the best people for your team.

Summer in Wroclaw

Summer in Wroclaw

We typical offer this in a contract fashion – i.e. you take on one of our recruiters for a period of time on contract rates and they work with you to find the best people.

We can get involved as much or as little in the hiring process. I personally have 8+ years of hiring experience and have done 500+ interviews – it’s become second nature and as such I am certain I can add value to your hiring process.

I can also offer support with defining and fine tuning your hiring process.


The first few weeks or months in Poland can be a daunting experience for you and your team. I’m here to help as much or as little with this process as you need. I can help your team build strong cultural foundations as well as ensure work and communications are flowing between your international teams.

The Sky Tower

The Sky Tower

Communications are always one of the hardest challenges when building new teams in distributed locations. I can help define a decent communication plan and set clear expectations for your team.

The reality is that success comes from your own team members building a strong culture and ensuring all people are co-operating and collaborating as expected. It is your company and your team and as such your own chance to really grow a winning organisation in Poland. Getting it right early doors pays in the long run.

I can offer on-going training, support, recruitment or any other help you feel you need on an as needed basis either remotely or in person in Wroclaw.

Why Wroclaw and not somewhere else?

There are many companies who can help you build a team in Romania, India, China or any other country in the world. That’s not me. I specialise in Wroclaw and the UK. I can help you with your plans for any other country but I don’t have the local specialism or experience with other countries – I’d be setting me and you up for failure if I pretended otherwise.

I have many connections, contacts and local contractors who I can use to help you land successfully in Poland – I don’t have this same network anywhere else (yet). As such it would be wrong of me to suggest I knew exactly how each market worked and put my personal brand behing any other location than Poland.

Wroclaw at night