Why Cultivated Management?

There are a lot of Management, HR and Agile sites out there. Many of them are very good. Many are not.

Here’s how I stand out from the others:

I’ve been a manager for a long time and learned the hard way by making many mistakes.

The knowledge I share is based on experience, not just theory.

I have been a Manager and then Vice President in HR at a startup that went from funding to acquisition.

Our recruitment costs were less than 8%, retention was remarkably good, engagement levels were 80% plus and we built the kind of culture where people would tell people how amazing it was to work there.

I put communication at the heart of everything in business:

I joke that 99% of business problems are because of poor communication – I’m likely not far from the truth.

I studied communication science at school, A’ Level and Degree (BSc) and I still study it today.

I teach an award winning communication workshop.

The Cultivated Management Releasing Agility method works.

I blog, write books, do Keynotes and run training and workshops – always trying to be better than I was before whilst helping others thrive as managers and leaders.

I’ve done Tech Agility, Agile HR and digital transformations.

I focus on making information simple and easy to digest. I help bridge the gap between HR and Management to empower you for maximum success.

I focus on YOU and your organisations problems – not the latest agile scaling methodology or framework.

I have high standards – I hope you and your company do too.

I blog, write books, do Keynotes and run training and workshops – always trying to be better than I was before whilst helping others thrive as managers and leaders.

and I’m nice!

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