This workshop is for anyone wanting to improve their presentation skills.

During the day we will generate some presentation ideas, formulate a talk, create the presentation and then deliver the talk to the group.

It is hands-on and you will be presenting but we’ll create a safe and nurturing environment.

It’s a fun day, chocked full of information that works and it will be intense. It will be interactive so expect to get involved. Expect people to be buzzing and wired – but in a good way.

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1 Full Day (variations can be catered for)

In house : £3000 per day – That’s only £100 per person for a full days training based on max capacity of 30!


  1. Why it’s important to develop presentation skills
  2. The Horror and the Fear
  3. How to generate ideas
  4. The basic elements
    • All communication has a Purpose, Audience, Context and Content
    • Be Enthusiastic
    • Communication is something the audience does – repetition, repetition, repetition
    • Stories go where facts cannot
    • Don’t waste the audiences time
    • Practice makes permanent
    • People remember how you make them feel
    • Non-verbal is a superpower
    • People resonate with those that sound like them
    • You CAN hack your body
    • Listening is the greatest compliment
    • Your job is to be effective
  5. The TALK
    1. Two basic formulas that work
    2. Script It
    3. Slides or not?
    4. Rehearse it
    5. Logistics
    6. Nerves
    7. Delivery
    8. Owning the room
    9. Questions
    10. There be Dragons – what could go wrong and how to deal with it when it happens
    11. Close

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