This workshop is for anyone wanting to improve their presentation skills.

During the day we will generate some presentation ideas, formulate a talk, create the presentation and then deliver the talk to the group.

It is hands-on and you will be presenting but we’ll create a safe and nurturing environment.

It’s a fun day, chocked full of information that works and it will be intense. It will be interactive so expect to get involved. Expect people to be buzzing and wired – but in a good way.


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1 Full Day (variations can be catered for)

In house : £5000 per day

Max Capacity – 12 people


  1. All communication has a Purpose, Audience, Context
  2. Be Enthusiastic
  3. Communication is something the audience does
  4. Stories go where facts cannot
  5. Don’t waste the audiences time – know your content
  6. Practice is preparation
  7. People remember how you make them feel
  8. Non-verbal is a superpower
  9. People resonate with those that sound like them
  10. You CAN hack your body
  11. Listening is the greatest compliment

Throughout the day we will do plenty of presentation practice but we’ll base it around the 11 core elements above. These are the science of communication – the style you apply on top is yours to own.

There’s no “go big, go home” or any of that non-sense here.

After all, we’ve all seen a presentation that was outstanding where someone stood still with no slides or jumping around stage. So why did it work? It’s about more than that – and we’ll explore it in this workshop.


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