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I share ways to help you thrive in your career as a technology manager and leader.

I help you to become incredibly effective at building and leading teams, to release agility in your organisation and to cultivate your own career and learning along the way.

To talk about being a good manager means to talk about learning.

No matter where you are with your career now I’m here to help. My writing, coaching and consulting can help managers at any stage from early managerial duties to leading technology teams through epic change.

I want you to start thriving in this exciting career as a manager. You get to nudge your organisation forward and have a long lasting impact on your team.

I give you the insights, tools and support to ensure that’s a positive nudge forward and a positive impact on your team.

Through The Manager newsletter I help you do just that and more, whilst I also share my own struggles in my career and journey to finding the right balance in my life. I also share useful links and book recommendations.

Some things of interest about me:

I am self critical, impatient and fidgety.

These may sound like negative traits, but they are who I am – and they have helped me over the years to push my career forward and achieve many of the goals I stuck on a list in my darkest moments in work.

I’ve pushed myself and focused intensely on becoming the best person I could be. After all our management is no more or less than us as a person. It’s not been without drama, burnout and ill effects on my health. Through this drama and relentless pushing I learned valuable lessons which I will share with you.

In fact, almost everything I share with you are lessons I’ve learned in my career, in the vain hope that you won’t repeat them and can avoid them.

I started my career as a Tester and ran The Social Tester blog for many years. I then moved to become an Engineering Manager building outstanding DevOps teams, releasing agility and building a learning culture.

Our good people didn’t leave, our recruitment costs were rock bottom, our engagement scores were high and our recruitment process was slick. As such I got the chance to move sideways in to HR to head up Recruitment, Engagement, Learning and Corporate Social Responsibility. I had some successes, some failures and realised that technical teams are really my bread and butter.

I speak on the circuit, write books, run a podcast or two and create videos.

But most of all I share what I know, have experienced and learned with you because I love what I do.

If you join me via The Manager newsletter I’ll be sure to challenge how you think, embrace management in a new way and take ownership for the pillars of your success

Free Stuff

Most of my work is free. You can find it here. But I also occasionally build courses, write books, run events and speak at conferences. The Manager newsletter or LinkedIn are the best ways to track my events.

And if you have a different view of management to me – that’s cool – I’m a firm believer that other ways work too. But I’m certain that occasionally I’ll share some nuggets of wisdom that even the most seasoned of managers can learn from.

And I’m always learning too – every week, month and year I change my perspective on certain things, or learn new ways of working. I’ll share these with you too. You can find my reading list here.

Here’s my 5 steps to effective management

1. Take care of your pillars of life and make it your life mission to balance what you’re good at, how you prefer to work and what makes you happy.

2. Define yourself some principles of management and be careful which of these you trade when you join an organisation.

3. Become incredibly good at communicating with others and be an expert in non-verbal communication. Good communication skills are a SuperPower in the world of business.

4. Know where you’re going, where you are now, what gaps you have, what problems you have, who’s on board with you and how to build a learning culture. The basic framework of Cultivated Management and Releasing Agility.

5. Make sure you get uber great at hiring and on-boarding people – strategically it’s probably one of the most important things you can do as a manager

Thanks for supporting, and I hope I’m giving you epic help.



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