I share ways to help you thrive in your career as a technology manager and leader.

My goal is to help you become incredibly effective at building and leading teams so that you can release agility in your organisation and cultivate your own career and learning along the way.

To talk about being a good manager means to talk about learning.

No matter where you are with your career now I’m here to help. My writing, coaching and consulting can help managers at any stage in their career from early managerial duties – to leading technology teams through epic change.

I want you to start thriving in your exciting career as a manager. And trust me, being a manager is exciting. You get to nudge your organisation forward and have a long lasting impact on your team.

Rob Presenting

Through this website and The Manager newsletter I help you do just that and more, whilst I also share my own struggles in my career and journey to finding the right balance in my life. After all, I’m still learning how to balance my pillars of life with achieving business and personal results.

Some things about me:

  • I am self critical, impatient and opinionated. I’m also good at strategy and ideation. I’m also struggling to balance the tension between work and play.
  • I have three sons who are amazing.
  • I live in Winchester, UK – an amazing city (I’m originally from Sheffield).
  • I started my career as a Tester, then an Engineering Manager, then a VP of HR and now as a Director of my own company.
  • In 2010 I wrote my name on a piece of paper and listed all of the things I wanted to do with my life. I’ve achieved most of the things on the list – but I’m still working it.
  • I drive a classic Mazda MX5.
  • I run a podcast (coming soon) called Parent Brain.
  • I write books to chill out.
  • My only real super power skill is my ability to observe and study people – and then make changes to my own communication style to suit the moment. It’s proven a very handy skill indeed.
  • I ran The Social Tester blog for many years.
  • I’m an International Keynote speaker

Free Stuff

Most of my work is free. You can find it here. But I also occasionally build courses, write books, run events and speak at conferences. The Manager newsletter or LinkedIn are the best ways to track my events.

And if you have a different view of management to me – that’s cool – I’m a firm believer that other ways work too. But I’m certain that occasionally I’ll share some nuggets of wisdom that even the most seasoned of managers can learn from.

And I’m always learning too – every week, month and year I change my perspective on certain things, or learn new ways of working. I’ll share these with you too. You can find my reading list here.

What about you?

I want to hear about your challenges, experiences, goals and dreams for your career. What are you doing day to day? Are you seeing success or not? What can I help you with? What can I learn from you?

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