Online Learning & Books

On this page you will find my current online courses and books, plus a few other tasty learning resources.

These courses and books are designed to be affordable, relevant and easy to digest.

After all, learning shouldn’t be laborious. It should be energising.


Communication Superpower – Online Course

Develop outstanding communication behaviours that will help you stand out for all of the right reasons

Develop strong communication behaviours to help you influence at work, communicate with clarity, listen intently and communicate with a variety of audiences.

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Forget Time Management. Energy and Attention is where it’s at.

This is a book for those who want to manage their energy and attention, not simply try to fill every time “block” in their lives.

It’s a book about the art of living in the now for managers. A book about focusing on your behaviours in the now. And in doing so building great teams that have positive, healthy and professional cultures. Sort of like baking “well being” in at the start.

I also share ideas on where to focus your limited energy and attention whilst at work.

We cover painting a picture of who you want to become, setting goals as targets, but using them to instil positive routines and habits, and some common activities I believe managers should focus on.

Time doesn’t respond well to being managed. We have limited energy and attention. Where do you want to focus it?

You can buy the book here.

Book - Join Our Company

Join Our Company

A book about designing and building a WOW hiring and on-boarding experience.

Is your hiring process causing candidates to say WTF, or MEH or WOW?

You have a choice – design for WOW or let it become less than the best.

Visit the Join Our Company page to find out more and buy the book.

Book - Ten Behaviours

The 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees

A free book about the effective behaviours managers and employees alike should adopt.

Read more on the 10 Behaviour page

Book - Remaining Relevant

Remaining Relevant

A book for those wanting to remain relevant, employable and productive.

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Book - Diary Manager

The Diary of a Manager

A hilarious book about the challenges faced by a manager in an IT company.

The Employable Parent Brain

OMG. This small child relies on me.

This small child is now dependent on me. I have dependents!

I’ve grown up. I’m mature. I’m a parent. No pressure. Calm down.

Over on my sister site is my book about developing an Employable Parent Brain

So You Want To Be A Scrum Master Book Cover

So you wanna be a Scrum master?

Written by a few of us in just 48 hours about how to be a scrum master. Thousands of downloads – hopefully it’s resulting in better Scrum Masters.


More learning resources


Each week I drop a new video to the YouTube channel.

The main theme is management, but I also share ideas about learning, communication and balancing the pillars of our lives.

If you like your content in video format then head on over. Equally, every video that I do also has a blog post to go with it.

Reading List

I read a lot of books.

I share the books I feel managers and leaders would benefit from reading on my growing recommended reading list.

You can check out the list here.

Personal Knowledge Management System

Learning is not just about consuming information. It’s about putting that information in to action, reflecting on it, organising it and contributing it back to work or others. In this video I explore the 4 stage Cultivated model for a Personal Knowledge Management System


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