On this page you will find my own books and plenty of resources that will help you on your journey to becoming a great manager.

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Book - Join Our Company

Join Our Company

A book about designing and building a WOW hiring and on-boarding experience.

Is your hiring process causing candidates to say WTF, or MEH or WOW?

You have a choice – design for WOW or let it become less than the best.

Visit the Join Our Company page to find out more and buy the book.

Book - Ten Behaviours

The 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees

A free book about the effective behaviours managers and employees alike should adopt.

Read more on the 10 Behaviour page

Book - Remaining Relevant

Remaining Relevant

A book for those wanting to remain relevant, employable and productive.

Click here to learn more about this book and how to buy it on Amazon

Book - Diary Manager

The Diary of a Manager

A hilarious book about the challenges faced by a manager in an IT company.

The Employable Parent Brain

OMG. This small child relies on me.

This small child is now dependent on me. I have dependents!

I’ve grown up. I’m mature. I’m a parent. No pressure. Calm down.

Over on my sister site is my book about developing an Employable Parent Brain

So You Want To Be A Scrum Master Book Cover

So you wanna be a Scrum master?

Written by a few of us in just 48 hours about how to be a scrum master. Thousands of downloads – hopefully it’s resulting in better Scrum Masters.


Resources and Templates

One To One Form – The Cultivated Management 1:1 Form


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