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CM10 – The A-Z of Business Agility Poster

Product Description:

I put this little A-Z together for no other reason than I thought the design looked sweet and I was locked down due to being infected.

Bored. Isolating. Fiddling around with design tools. And clearing my backlog of articles.

Product Details:

  1. An article here in the blog, explaining each one in depth.
  2. A PDF download which should be good enough to print to A3.
  3. Designed in Canva and exported to print quality PDF.
  4. Good for those who can’t stop talking about agile and their favourite flavour of it.
  5. Based on years of making companies more agile through good management, communication and HR.
  6. Inspired by Japanese carpark signs that I have a weird obsession for on Instagram

CM09 – Cultivated Creativity – a guide to creativity

Product Description:

It wasn’t originally an eBook. In fact, I was trying to be creative at the start of 2022 by publishing a pop-up newsletter on LinkedIn – all about creativity.

The content in this ebook was the daily content for the whole of January. 31 days, 31 ideas. (I removed one as it was duplicate and added nothing to the book – so it’s technical 30 ideas now)

Except I failed.

Like many creative attempts, failure is not far away. Failure is always a possibility. So too, is success, but it may take a deviation to get there.

Why did my pop-up newsletter experiment fail?

Well, the LinkedIn platform proved a monumentally bad choice to distribute the newsletter. The platform simply refused to post somedays. Other days it would post but I couldn’t share it to my subscribers. I would lose drafts. Images wouldn’t show properly. Plus, some people couldn’t turn the notifications off (yet some could!). It was a technical disaster.

An early failure to my creative endeavour.

So, it failed after just 6 days. Blocked. Unable to post. Fail.

But with all creative attempts there is a chance to learn. A chance to change direction. A chance to pivot. A chance to try something new.

Instead of a pop-up newsletter on LinkedIn, it’s now this free eBook.

I hope you enjoy it.

Product Details:

  1. 30 ideas about the creative process.
  2. Download it here. (PDF).
  3. Based on my creative struggles through the years.
  4. Totally free.
  5. Produced with love.
  6. I have learned many lessons from this eBook. Mostly about how terrible LinkedIn is.

CM08 – Communication Super Power – Online Course

Product Description:

Develop strong communication behaviours to help you influence at work, communicate with clarity, listen intently and communicate with a variety of audiences.
Develop a Super Power that’s useful in all aspects of life with this online course.

I often joke that 99% of problems in business are communication related. I’m likely not far away from the truth.

Effective communication is good for business. It’s also good for our careers too.

I put much of my own success in business down to effective communication.

In this course, I’ll share with you those very ideas and behaviours

Product Details:

  1. Find out more about the course, and enrol, here.
  2. An online version of my award winning in-person course.
  3. Text based so you can meander at a pace that works for you.
  4. Science based, made with love, based on experience.

CM07 – Forget Time Management. Energy and attention is where it’s at.

Product Description:

Time doesn’t respond well to being managed

This is a book for those who want to manage their energy and attention, not simply try to fill every time “block” in their lives.

It’s a book about the art of living in the now for managers. A book about focusing on your behaviours in the now. And in doing so building great teams that have positive, healthy and professional cultures. Sort of like baking “well being” in at the start.

Time doesn’t respond well to being managed. We have limited energy and attention. Where do you want to focus it?

Product Details:

  1. It’s words in an ebook – you can buy this goodness here
  2. Hosted on LeanPub
  3. Had a joy writing this one – very cathartic
  4. And yes, time doesn’t respond well to being managed – so focus on something else – like this book
  5. Made with love, based on experience

CM06 – Join Our Company book

Product Description:

A book about designing and building a WOW hiring and on-boarding experience.

Is your hiring process causing candidates to say WTF, or MEH or WOW?

You have a choice – design for WOW or let it become less than the best.

Product Details:

  1. Find out more and buy the book on Amazon here.
  2. Amazon download.
  3. I still can’t believe how terrible some companies are at hiring and onboarding.
  4. Made with love, based on experience.
  5. Good for anyone who wants to attract talent!

CM05 – The 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees book

Product Description:

The culture of your organisation is nothing more than group habit – it’s how people behave every day.

In this free guide I share with you the ten behaviours I’ve seen effective employees demonstrate.

Nobody demonstrates all ten – that would be weird, but they show most of them. And did you know that behaviours aren’t just what people do – but also what they say, how they say it, their work output and their body language.

Product Details:

  1. Find out more about the book, the topic and the talk here.
  2. The eBook is a great price – free but donations are welcome via the purchase page.
  3. This is one of my most in demand talks – I do this talk all over the world at conferences.
  4. I’ve never met anyone who demonstrates all ten at a high level – that would be weird. But I strive to try my best in each of these 🙂
  5. Always focus on behaviours as a manager – not the nebulous “mind set” – but what people do.
  6. And if I had to choose one of the ten behavious to over-index on – yep – you guessed it – great communication skills.
  7. Made with love, based on experience.

CM04 – Remaining Relevant and Employable – book

Product Description:

An eBook for those wanting to remain relevant, employable and productive.

My first book about taking your career seriously. Something it took me a while to do – but when I did….well, that’s when things really took off.

I share with you how to do it too.

The book covers the following:

  • How to find out what skills you need
  • How to learn even when you’re busy
  • How to find good jobs
  • How to work with recruiters (or work around them if they’re not helpful)
  • How to prepare a good CV
  • How to rock an interview
  • How to accept a job like a pro

Product Details:

  1. You can buy it here on Amazon.
  2. My first book. This was an epic 8 month writing experience. Every day, at lunch, for an hour, in a desolate part of an office building. Loved it.
  3. Based on years of experience of hiring and being hired. Based on what works.
  4. If you’re looking to remain relevant – could be a good investment of a few earth pounds.
  5. Made with love, based on experience.

CM03 – Diary of a Manager

Product Description:

An early book with lots of spilling mistikes in it, but I will be doing a re-write of this. Why? After all this time? Because it’s funny. And people who read it and can get past the typoes laugh their socks off.

I am very proud of this book and aim to re-edit it AND drop a video about it too.

It’s still available to download for free.

Product Details:

  1. You can download it here on LeanPub.
  2. Absolutely loved writing this. Wrote it mostly by hand in a red Moleskine. Probably still find that book if I went rooting in the box of old notebooks.
  3. Used Google Drive and then TextMat to get it into the LeanPub format – probably why there are so many spelling mistakes – tidied this part of the process up now!
  4. Made with love, based on experience.

CM02 – The Employable Parent Brain

Product Description:

OMG. This small child relies on me.

This small child is now dependent on me. I have dependents!

I’ve grown up. I’m mature. I’m a parent. No pressure. Calm down.

This book is from my sister site Parent Brain. Grab it on Amazon today.

Product Details:

  1. This is from my other brand – Parent Brain – and is a book based on Remaining Relevant but with a parenting angle.
  2. You can buy it on Amazon here.
  3. This was written in MS Word ready for upload the Amazon. I don’t always enjoy writing in Word but actually, the outlining and spell checking is helpful 🙂
  4. Made with love, based on experience.

CM01 – So, you wanna be a scrum master?

Product Description:

The tech teams did a hacka-thon. Those not in tech roles sat down and wrote an entire book in just 48 hours.

What a journey. Great fun and the book was pretty decent too. Free!

Product Details:

  1. Hackathons in the tech world tend to be very code orientated. As such, those who don’t code often feel left out – or even worse, continue to deliver whilst others explore their creativity. So, we changed that up.
  2. We set a goal to create a book for scrum masters. And 48 hours later, we had it done.
  3. Made with love, based on experience.