On this page you will find resources that will help you on your journey to becoming a great manager.

Blazingly Simple Guides

  1. A Blazingly Simple Guide To Turning Around A Team
  2. A Blazingly Simple Guide To Building A Support Team
  3. A Blazingly Simply Guide To Surviving A Conference (PDF)
  4. A Blazingly Simple Guide to Thriving As A Software Tester
  5. A Blazingly Simple Guide To Submitting To Conferences


A free book about how to be an effective employee

10 Behaviours Title Page

Read more on the 10 Behaviour page

A book for those wanting to remain relevant, employable and productive

Remaining Relevant Book Cover

Click here to learn more about this book and how to buy it on Amazon.

A hilarious book about the challenges faced by a manager in an IT company
The Diary Of A Manager Front Cover
A book containing 8 year’s worth of ideas on software testing.

This book is a collection of over 100 articles from the last 8 years of The Social Tester blog.

I have picked the highest rated and the most visited articles as well as a few previously unpublished articles.

It represents 8 years worth of thinking about Software Testing and hiring good testers. If you’re into Software Testing then this book is for you. It’s a ton of value bundled in to a book.

Front Cover Of The Social Tester Book
You can buy the book on Leanpub here.
A funny walk through on some of the problems with Software Testing.
The problems with testing front cover
My very first book and the spawn of many thousands of testers avatars. A book about the different types of testers.
A bunch of us wrote this over two days during a Hack-a-thon. Loads of fun – mega useful book.
So You Want To Be A Scrum Master Book Cover
Co-authored a contribution to this epic book about how to make sure you ship good software first time.

Other Sites

A mini-site with 36 ideas for testing websites


A step by step guide for conducting outstanding phone interviews
A LinkedIn post outlining how to run one of my favourite, and most effective, types of meeting – an appreciative inquiry
Post outlining why being a scrum master sucks
An interview with me for this well known magazine for testers
Article for power house UTest on becoming a passionate tester and the power of social media.
How to go on a testing diet
How to build a test team
Run run as fast as you can – catch the bug
The story of a brave plastic tester
May 2009 edition of The Social Tester newspaper
June 2009 edition of The Social Tester newspaper

 Resources and Templates

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