On this page you will find resources that will help you on your journey to becoming a great tech pro.

Blazingly Simple Guides

  1. A Blazingly Simple Guide To Turning Around A Team
  2. A Blazingly Simple Guide To Building A Support Team
  3. A Blazingly Simply Guide To Surviving A Conference (PDF)
  4. A Blazingly Simple Guide To Thriving As A Software Tester
  5. A Blazingly Simple Guide To Submitting To Conferences
  6. A Blazingly Simple Guide To Personal Branding
  7. A Blazingly Simple Guide To Running Amazing Meetings


How To Thrive As A Web Tester

A book about thriving in your career as a Software Tester with 30+ ideas on how to test websites. It’s a book I wish I’d had 20 years ago. Find out more and buy the book here.

How to thrive as a web tester - book cover

Join Our Company

A book about designing and building a WOW hiring and on-boarding experience. Is your hiring process causing candidates to say WTF, or MEH or WOW?

Join our company - book cover

You have a choice – design for WOW or let it become less than the best.

Visit the Join Our Company page to find out more and buy the book.

The Employable Parent Brain

A book about how the Baby Effect (having a child dependent on me) drove me to take my career more seriously and take care of my future prospects.

The Employable Parent Brain – Buy it here

The 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees

A free book about how to be an effective employee

10 Behaviours Title Page

Read more on the 10 Behaviour page

Remaining Relevant

A book for those wanting to remain relevant, employable and productive

Remaining Relevant Book Cover

Click here to learn more about this book and how to buy it on Amazon.

The Diary of a Manager

A hilarious book about the challenges faced by a manager in an IT company
The Diary Of A Manager Front Cover
A book containing 8 year’s worth of ideas on software testing.

This book is a collection of over 100 articles from the last 8 years of The Social Tester blog.

I have picked the highest rated and the most visited articles as well as a few previously unpublished articles.

It represents 8 years worth of thinking about Software Testing and hiring good testers. If you’re into Software Testing then this book is for you. It’s a ton of value bundled in to a book.

Front Cover Of The Social Tester Book
You can buy the book on Leanpub here.

There are problems with Software Testing

A funny walk through on some of the problems with Software Testing.
The problems with testing front cover

The Tester Types

My very first book and the spawn of many thousands of testers avatars. A book about the different types of testers.

So you wanna be a Scrum master?

A bunch of us wrote this over two days during a Hack-a-thon. Loads of fun – mega useful book.
So You Want To Be A Scrum Master Book Cover
Co-authored a contribution to this epic book about how to make sure you ship good software first time.
Build Quality In Book Cover


Resources and Templates

One To One Form – The Cultivated Management 1:1 Form