Develop your superpower in the world of business


The “Communication Skills” workshop is a fun, vibrant and interactive course for people who want to become better communicators. It genuinely will help you build a super-power in the world of business.

It’s suitable for anyone!

  • Want to advance your career?
  • Have tough conversations?
  • Read body language?
  • Hack your own chemistry?
  • Network like a pro?
  • Deliver knock-out talks?

Well I’ve got you and your team covered in this workshop.

I run the workshop publicly or I can bring this to your company or event.

1 Full Day (variations can be catered for)

In house :

£3000 per day – That’s only £100 per person for a full days training based on max capacity of 30!

In-house, at events, or venue based. Discount available for events/conferences.

Communication Course - Handshakes
Learning about the power of hand-shakes and how to do them correctly.

The next public training day is:

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January 26th 2018 – Communication Skills at Work – The Superpower Workshop – Winchester, UK – Details and Tickets here.

Why Communication Skills?

Communication skills are a core skill hiring managers look for. Being a good communicator is also a really great trait of effective employees, managers and leaders.

There aren’t many education systems on the planet that teach communication skills to kids. Few companies actually teach communication skills to their employees! So it’s no surprise many employees in the workplace aren’t effective at communicating.

I often joke that 99% of problems in business are down to communication – I’m probably not far away from the truth.

Too much. Too little. Ineffective. Untimely.

I help you to solve these problems.

Rob Presenting
Learn how to present and deliver amazing Keynotes – even with nerves!

So go ahead – develop your superpower, excel in your career and start solving the business problems you face with consistent, effective and considered communication.

In this workshop we start with some interactive fun. We then jump in to some basic communication science – enough to plant the seeds of how and why we communicate. We look at some models and theories in a fun way. And then we dig in to some scenarios where I re-enforce what we’ve been learning about. The science is essential but it’s not in too much depth.

Learn about gestures such as this "palms down" technique
Learn about gestures such as this “palms down” technique

You’ll learn how to:

  • Hack your own body to change your physiology!
  • Literally change a hostile work environment in to a friendly one
  • Get the right results from emails and other written communication (I give you 10 strategies for better writing)
  • Run effective meetings (who wouldn’t want better meetings?)
  • Listen better
  • Control your non-verbal communication whilst reading other people like a book
  • Get people to keep talking with nothing more than a head nod
  • Add “tone of voice” to your writing
  • Control dominating people in meetings
  • Give feedback
  • Network like a pro
  • Present like you’ve been doing Keynotes for years
  • and much much more!

(Detailed workshop content below)

It’s not for the faint hearted though – it’s a fun day, chocked full of information that works and it will be intense.

It will be interactive so expect to get involved, but don’t worry – I do all of the embarrassing stuff.

Expect to be buzzing and wired – but in a good way.

Email me if you’re interested in bringing this course to your work for corporate training



Workshop Content

Introduction To Communication

A gentle introduction to general communication ideas.

Why Communication Skills Are Important

A look at what employers look for and why communication skills are so important.

Models of Communication

A walk through of common models of communication and why models are useful, but all are wrong.

Communication is something the listener does

Interactive session that explains the concept that communication is something the listener does – i.e it happens in their minds.

Feedback when communicating

Why feedback is so important when communicating.


The 4 categories of noise and how these may affect the message.


All communication has a Purpose, it has an Audience and it has a Context. Have too many of each and you’ll struggle to get the right message.

Non-Verbal – A SUPER-POWER

A walk through of some of the core non-verbal “tells”, what to look for, how to control your own and why being able to read non-verbal communication will give you super-hero powers. Please use these powers for good. Please.

Non verbal

Written Communication

Stop talking non-sense. Write like you speak. Plus 10 tips for improving your writing.



In this section we’ll look at running effective meetings with some meeting rules and how to handle tricky meeting members. Non-verbal heavy.



A look at how to network effectively when representing yourself or your company at an event, conference or networking meeting.



A look at presentations and how to deliver a good one. Great for those speaking at events, giving team presentations or company wide presentations.



In this section we’ll approach the tricky challenge of giving somebody feedback, both positive and negative feedback.



In this section we’ll cover the classic interview from both the interviewee and interview perspective. Loads of hints and tips to make interviews go better and read body language.


Active Listening

Listening shows the other person that you care. Listening also stops a lot of mis-communication.


Confidence and Self-Image

Communication is a reflection of self and having a strong self image will help you with your communication. Some tips and advice for improving self-image.


NOTE: I don’t always have time to do all sections, but I tailor the day for the maximum benefit of you, the attendees. I always make sure we leave time for answering any questions you have.

Pricing details are here.