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The 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees

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Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. Steve Jobs, Entrepreneur and Business Owner   Every manager dreams of having the best employees they can find. A dream team of people capable of achieving so much with so little strain on management. It’s perfection – but …

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10 Ways To Hire Niche Employees

When you look at the nature of recruitment from a recruitment agency perspective you see some very interesting perspectives that should help you to change the way you plan your recruitment, and I’ll share some ideas in this post. Recruiters are invaluable in finding the right people. It’s just some managers believe that the kind of …

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Recruiting for the right talent is time consuming

Recruiting for the right talent is time consuming. Trust me. I used to spend a huge portion of my day recruiting but it was well worth it. Good people are really hard to find and increasingly hard to tempt to your workplace. They are in demand and hence often take extra leg work to get them for …

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What problem is hiring solving?

When hiring it’s important to know what problem you are trying to solve. By defining the problem that you have, you’ll be able to ensure you solve the problem in the right way. Whether by recruiting the right person or actually coming to the realization that recruitment won’t help. Throwing more people at a problem is …

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The Blazingly Simple Guide To Working With Recruiters

It’s inevitable that at some point during your recruitment drive you will need to use a recruitment agency. Argh – don’t worry – they aren’t all bad, in fact a great many are excellent and invaluable for finding you the right candidates. Here’s some of my advice about working with recruitment agencies (note – it …

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Effort on a CV and Application Matters

A general heuristic you could apply when hiring good people (because why would you hire people who aren’t good for your team?) is to assume that the effort on a CV is directly related to how interested the candidate is in working for you. The more effort applied to tailoring the CV and the application – the …

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Product Improvement Engine And Other Startup Ideas

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There’s a lot of great wisdom packaged up in this Startups Playbook by Sam Altman. It’s worth a long read. And then a re-read. And another re-read. “You want to build a “product improvement engine” in your company. You should talk to your users and watch them use your product, figure out what parts are sub-par, …

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How To Conduct A Phone Interview – 13 Ideas

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A phone interview is an excellent interview activity to include when you’re recruiting. I believe the phone interview is a really important step in the hiring process as it is an effective way for both parties (hiring manager and candidate) to speak to each other before a fully fledged face-to-face interview. The phone interview is …