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How to build a personal knowledge management system

Personal Knowledge Management System

Since when does absence of evidence equate to evidence of absence? Prince Ea The key to becoming a better manager is to become a better person – a more knowledgable, caring, decisive, healthy and thoughtful person – at the core of this is the need to learn and discover more. It’s the core underlying premise …

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Dunbar’s Number and how rapid growth can split a company

Managers focus on the bigger systems

“Would you classify that as a launch problem or a design problem?” Real Genius, Film   Note: This article has previously been published in my newsletter – subscribe and get the best content first As a company scales and grows it becomes increasingly tricky to maintain good communication and connections between people and teams. The …

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The 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees

10 Behaviours Title Page

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. Steve Jobs, Entrepreneur and Business Owner   Every manager dreams of having the best employees they can find. A dream team of people capable of achieving so much with so little strain on management. It’s perfection – but …

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Develop your super-power in the world of management

“And for gosh’s sake, watch your language!” Tony Stark, Superhero. Film : Avengers – Age of Ultron   When I first published the 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees and started presenting the associated Keynote, I got asked the same question from my readers and viewers ; “if you could pick just one of the behaviours which …

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Moving from maker to manager

Maker to manager doodle

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart Becoming a manager is a hard job. Most people become managers after being great individual contributors. One minute they’re making things, the next …

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People must feel the job develops them

One of your major opportunities as a manager is to develop the people in your team. People need to feel like the job develops them. People need to feel like they are mastering something and adding value, but they also need to feel like they are growing and developing, and that you care about that …

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Security will become a differentiator in the market

Secure it. Security will be a defining feature for almost all products and services in the future. The security of your customer information and data will be a differentiator in the market. People will choose a company who take security seriously. People will demand a secure process. People will ask how you approach security. Are …

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The number of directs is not a measure of management success

Resist the urge to derive your self-worth from the number of direct employees you have. Management isn’t about the sheer number of people you can manage. Management is about getting your business results. Any CFO worth their salt will also ask you to do that with the fewest people possible. Adding more people isn’t always …