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Unhappy customers cause cost

You know that moment. Panic! We’ve got an upset customer! No matter how good your service is and team that support it, you will always have moments like this. At times like this it is common for people to come together like you’ve never seen before. Everyone doing their best to solve the customer’s problem …

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The dreaded “process”

Process improvement is an essential part of a manager’s job. I believe managers should be spending about 60% of their time talking to people, growing their talented individuals and cultivating themselves. The other 40% of their time should be spent improving the system. Most managers do neither and they wonder why good people leave and the …

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The importance of processes, mapping and improving

The importance of processes, mapping and improving

A core aspect of your job as a manager should be to understand your processes and improve them. Your success lies partly in having the right processes in place. When I talk about processes at conferences and events I always get push back from managers who state they value people over process, or they don’t like …


Kanban and the ultimate process

Kanban Board

Kanban boards are a common sight now in many teams. It’s not just software development teams either. I’ve seen them used by all sorts of teams. One of the common mistakes I see people making with Kanban boards is creating one that reflects the perfect process, not the process they currently have. Kanban is a …