Onboarding new starters – a sample process

One of the core aspects of helping people to be effective at work starts when you first hire them. The onboarding process is crucial to helping people be effective quickly and to helping them feel welcomed to the team. Who better to own this process than management. After all, management is about achieving effective business

How to hire and onboard Technologists – the book

The tech world moves fast. New technology. New consumer markets. New coding languages. New delivery methodologies. And for some companies, new ways of hiring and on boarding technology professionals. Sadly though, there are still many companies struggling to find, attract, hire and onboard new hires with grace, dignity and efficiency. So I wrote a book

Balance cash with other benefits

When hiring it’s rare to be able to offer so much money that salary is not an issue. Few companies can do this. If you’re not working in one of these companies, then the reality is most of your competition can offer the same money, if not a tempting shade more.

Recruiting for talent is time consuming

Recruiting for talent is time consuming. Trust me. I used to spend a huge portion of my day recruiting but it was well worth it. Good people are really hard to find and increasingly hard to tempt to your workplace. They are in demand and hence often take extra leg work to get them for an interview