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Cultivated Community

Cultivated Management was founded with an ambitious mission, but I also wanted to build a socially conscious business that gives back to the community.

This is why I donate 5% of all revenue at Cultivated Management, and my sister business Parent Brain, to charity.

I also offer a number of free training and coaching sessions for managers working in charitable or not-for-profit organisations.

2.5% of profits will always go to Naomi House. A charity for life limited children and their families. It’s a charity close to my heart. The other 2.5% goes to a different charity each year as below.

(completed) 2015 – Naomi House and Unicef

(completed) 2016 – Naomi House and Pencils of Promise

(completed) 2017 – Naomi House and Saving Linnea

2018 - Naomi House and WWF

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