Welcome to Cultivated Management

Welcome to Cultivated Management

Hi and welcome to Cultivated Management.

A cultivated manager is a manager who makes management look easy.

They make it look easy but behind the scenes is a deep commitment to becoming a better person.

The ability of any manager is no more or less than the ability of the person.

Hence the journey to becoming a better manager must be holistic. It must include every aspect of your life, not just management theory. To be a better manager we must become better people.

At Cultivated Management I focus on management theory, communication skills and the pillars of life – the pillars that help you achieve greatness, balance the tension between work and life and remain healthy.

The pillars are:

  • Health and Longevity
  • Education
  • Relevance and Response
  • Money and Finance
  • Cultural and Societal Impact
  • Productivity

I will promise to help you on this journey through my daily blog writing.

You can find out more about me and this site here.

We have some resources, a newsletter and services like training and coaching.

Transform Your Management

Remaining Relevant

The essential guide to remaining relevant and employable.

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The Blog 

Our posts will help you to…

  • Become a “Cultivated Manager” – someone who works hard to make the hard work of management look easy
  • Become an effective employee and manager
  • Achieve business success whilst still keeping hold of your team
  • Develop yourself, balance life and stay healthy
  • Improve the process and system you work within
  • Hire the right people by creating an amazing recruitment process that will WOW candidates
  • Treat people like people

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