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I teach people how to become amazing managers, expert communicators and effective deliverers of business value. All highly valuable skills for today’s Technology Professionals.

I’m trying to build the kind of resource pool I wished I’d had when I became a manager. I was totally and utterly clueless about how to become an amazing manager. Training for managers is often lacking or missing, and what is out there feels like it’s from decades ago. So I embarked on learning and trying everything I could to become a high performing manager. I’m still on that journey and what I learned, and still learn, is what I share with you.

A foundational belief underpinning everything about Cultivated Management is the belief that to become a better manager, we must become better people.

We must do this through constantly cultivating ourselves – hence the name of my company Cultivated Management.

“To improve by training or education. To tend. To nurture. To grow”

Why become a manager?

Being a manager can often be a thankless, boring yet stressful job, but the rewards come from nudging our team forward, through encouraging others to achieve more than they ever thought they could, and by discovering our own talents and abilities.

Being a manager in a company is a brilliant career. I believe in management – even in agile teams.

What does it take to become a great manager?

Becoming a manager requires:

  • Building strong pillars of life in which to lead from
  • Finding your own principles of management and sticking with them when the going gets tough
  • Becoming an expert communicator, even if you’re not naturally gifted in this skill
  • Learning how to release agility in your organisation and develop the right people foundations to make it possible
  • Treating people like people

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Why Cultivated Management?

There are a barrel load of sites just like mine offering management advice and I read many of them too. Here’s how I may stand out from others:

  • I’ve been a manager for a long time and learned the hard way by making many mistakes.
  • The knowledge I share through my work is based on experience, not just theory.
  • I have been an Engineering Manager and Vice President in HR at a startup that went from funding to acquisition.
  • As part of a management team our recruitment costs were less than 8%, retention was remarkably good, engagement levels were 80% plus and we built the kind of culture where people would tell people how amazing it was to work there.
  • I built teams that reduced the release cycles of our software from yearly to weekly, scaled agile across 14 teams, and grew in both the UK and Poland.
  • I studied communication at school (G.C.S.E), A’ Level and Degree (BSc) and I still study it today – I bring what I know to becoming an amazing manager.
  • I’ve blogged about tech for over a decade, delivered Keynotes and run award winning workshops.
  • I focus on making information simple and easy to digest.
  • I focus on YOU.

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