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I believe in management, even in Agile teams

I see a lot of executives and managers hiring coaches to coach around basic management issues. Why? Because to some people management is a dirty word.

It’s my goal to make management more interesting, effective and respected in the tech community - it’s an uphill battle.

So yes, I believe in management.

Not the top down, tell you what to do, command, control, dictate, throttle, manipulate, get more from less, people are just resources kind of management.
Not that at all.

But the sort of management where managers remove systemic problems and bottlenecks, where they work with people and coach them, where they create amazing space for people to do what they’re good at, where they talk about performance, give feedback and help people excel in their careers whilst balancing all of this with achieving business results. That kind of management.

The kind of management that hires good people, removes the crap from the workplace and leaves people alone.

That’s the sort of management that businesses need - they get more done, they have people working on their strengths and they have higher levels of engagement. They take care of succession planning, bring people through their careers and encourage localised decision making.

In a nutshell - this kind of management brings about business results and gets employee engagement for FREE!!

It’s also the sort of management that employees need and want - someone to support, coach, remove the nonsense, help when things go wrong and ensure they are using their strengths at work.

The sort of management that lets high performing people focus on performing highly.

I call this Cultivated Management because management is about learning. To talk about better management means to talk about learning. To talk about learning means to talk about cultivating ourselves - growing - tending and nurturing this growth.

Very few managers really know what they are doing - the best managers are painfully aware of this and focus on learning rather than pretending they know everything. They believe in being better everyday.

How do they do this?

They release agility in every organisation they work in. They focus their time and energy in the right places.

They are aware of what makes them happy, what they are good at and how they prefer to interact and work. They help their people gain this same knowledge.

They are effective at hiring and on boarding. They know how to attract the right people and then keep them. They are excellent communicators.

They focus almost exclusively on behaviours. Instead of trying to understand how people think or why they do things, they focus on the behaviours they can observe and the systems that surround people.

They are role models for the right behaviours and approach to work. They are aware of their own pillars of life, and they encourage their directs to become aware of theirs. And they have strong Principles.

They are just the kind of manager organisations and people need. There are just so few of them in the Tech industry.

My mission is to make management interesting and effective - so that we can create a new generation of managers who care enough about themselves, the people they care for and their responsibilities as managers - that they put in the required learning effort to get better every day.

About Rob Lambert

I’ve spent two decades working in the tech industry as a tester, scrum master, agile coach, Engineering Manager and Vice President of Engagement and Enablement in HR.

I am the author of Remaining Relevant, How to Hire and Onboard Technologists, How To Thrive As A Software Tester, The Diary of A Manager, The Employable Parent Brain, The Social Tester and many more books.

I run an award winning Communication Workshop, regularly present tech Keynotes, teach others how to present well and spend a lot of time learning how to learn. In my spare time I spend time with my family, enjoy driving a classic MX5 car and make films and podcasts.

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Cultivated Management was founded with an ambitious mission, but I also wanted to build a socially conscious business that gives back to the community.

This is why I donate 5% of all revenue at Cultivated Management, and my sister business Parent Brain, to charity.

I also offer a number of free training and coaching sessions for managers working in charitable or not-for-profit organisations.

2.5% of profits will always go to Naomi House. A charity for life limited children and their families. It’s a charity close to my heart. The other 2.5% goes to a different charity each year as below.

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