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Hi I’m Rob Lambert

Cultivated Management is dedicated to providing ideas, information, knowledge and insights to help you develop into the cultivated manager you want to become.

Cultivation is all about tending to, nurturing and growing your abilities and knowledge as a manager – and this can only be achieved through studying and learning.

My goal with this blog is to become a useful resource for you as you dedicate and focus on developing as a manager.

It all starts with the Foundation of Your Life, ensuring you focus on the right areas for improvement at work and ensuring everything aligns with your principles and values.

Management is hard. It requires a commitment to learning – and the manager who uses learning as a path to success, rather than command and control, is the manager who builds strong, stable, agile teams that deliver over the long-term.

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If you’re like most of my readers and clients, you’re already a great manager building engaged agile teams and businesses.

You are committed to treating people like people, achieving the right business results, teaching others what you know, adapting & iterating, improving systems and helping people work on their strengths. All of this whilst maintaining a balanced personal life and maintaining your health.

But sometimes you and your business need an extra edge, sometimes plans don’t go as expected and sometimes growing technical teams can be hard. Management is not particularly glamourous or exciting and at times is downright hard – but its an effective lever for bringing about change and achieving your company’s ambitions. It’s also a lot of fun when it’s done right.

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