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Hi my name’s Rob and I’d like to welcome you to Cultivated Management – a place full of Blazingly Simple Guidance and Inspiration for tech managers and leaders.
Rob Lambert

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Let me help you build productive, engaged and high performing teams.

My mission is to provide blazingly simple guidance and inspiration for managers and leaders, so that they can immediately start building highly engaged tech teams.

For individuals I offer coaching to help you overcome obstacles in your career, develop better relationships at work and grow as a manager.

For organisations I work with you (managers, directors and founders) to identify your goals, communicate them with clarity, discover what's really stopping you from achieving your goals and rally competent people around your goal to be part of the epic journey.

Along the way we'll discover what behaviours lead to success and which ones don't. We'll build productivity systems and routines that create positive behavioural habits and lead to long term success.

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About Rob Lambert

I’ve spent two decades working in the tech industry as a tester, scrum master, agile coach, Engineering Manager and Vice President of Engagement and Enablement in HR.

I am the author of Remaining Relevant, How to Hire and Onboard Technologists, How To Thrive As A Software Tester, The Diary of A Manager, The Employable Parent Brain, The Social Tester and many more books.

I run an award winning Communication Workshop, regularly present tech Keynotes, teach others how to present well and spend a lot of time learning how to learn. In my spare time I spend time with my family, enjoy driving a classic MX5 car and make films and podcasts.

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Cultivated Community

Cultivated Management was founded with an ambitious mission, but I also wanted to build a socially conscious business that gives back to the community.

This is why I donate 5% of all revenue at Cultivated Management, and my sister business Parent Brain, to charity.

I also offer a number of free training and coaching sessions for managers working in charitable or not-for-profit organisations.

2.5% of profits will always go to Naomi House. A charity for life limited children and their families. It’s a charity close to my heart. The other 2.5% goes to a different charity each year as below.

(completed) 2015 – Naomi House and Unicef

(completed) 2016 – Naomi House and Pencils of Promise

(completed) 2017 – Naomi House and Saving Linnea

2018 - Naomi House and WWF

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