Transform Your Management.

Hi, I’m Rob Lambert and welcome to Cultivated Management.

I’m a manager, author and father helping managers get epic business results whilst balancing this with other pillars of their lives. I help managers become the best version of themselves, so they can have maximum impact on their team and business. Everything you read on this blog is based on my own experience – and I’m still on my journey in my career.

One thing I do know is that our management is never more or less than the person we are.

So to become a better manager we must become a better person.

I share management insights, hints and tips on; communication, health, team building, habits, routines, recruitment, management theory and productivity, all with the goal of helping you to become the best manager you can become.

I share what I learn in my popular newsletter every Friday and on this blog.

Although I focus on managers working in tech companies, much of what I write about is relevant to managers in many industries.

My work revolves around a really simple idea – how can we be better managers without destroying our health and family life?

My hope is that by reading my content you’ll have an epic career as a manager but not burn out in the process.

You can find out more about me here.

My posts will help you to…

  • Become a “Cultivated Manager” – someone who works hard to make the hard work of management look easy
  • Become an effective employee and manager
  • Become healthy, fit and strong
  • Become a better communicator
  • Achieve business success whilst still keeping hold of your team
  • Develop yourself, balance life and stay healthy
  • Improve the process and system you work within
  • Hire the right people by creating an amazing recruitment process that will WOW candidates

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