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Hi, I’m Rob Lambert

Welcome to Cultivated Management. My name is Rob and I’m your guide to cultivating great workplaces.

I’ve spent years working in VP roles in leadership, management and HR, so I’ve broken down what I know and I share this with you through my videos and newsletter.

Topics covered: Management, HR, communication, culture, creativity and learning, lots of learning.

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Check out the YouTube channel? I’m still learning how to make better videos – I hope you enjoy the videos and join me on our journey.

Develop your Super Power in the world of work

Excellent communication skills will set you apart at work. They’re also transferable between industries. They’re also behaviours that we can learn.

I run an award winning in-person Communication Workshop – and it’s now online!

I teach the science of communication, the art of body language, how to write well and how to project confidence and assertiveness. We also cover why appearance sometimes matter and how to listen well – after all, listening is the greatest compliment. Find out more and enrol below.

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