Hi and welcome, I’m Rob Lambert

Join me as a I share ideas on how to live a good (work) life.

We spend around 90,000 hours at work over the course of our lives – I’m keen to help you get the most of those hours.


I share regular videos on how to lead a good (work) life.

Everything from management, HR and leadership advice, to communication and creative thinking.

The main theme is excelling and thriving in work.

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The Communication Super Power Course

Learn how to develop your own super power in work – excellent communication skills.

I often say that 99% of problems in business are communication related.

Why not develop your ability to deal with conflict, articulate your ideas clearly, listen like a pro, convey assertiveness and more?

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My name is Rob Lambert and I help people remain relevant, employable and productive. I help businesses release agility AND retain their good people.

I am a HR qualified, experienced leader and manager. I offer lots of consulting and coaching services here. All supported by my experience of leading a tech team from startup to exit, as well as years of consulting with managers and leaders.

I am CIPD level 5 certified and spent years as a VP of HR also! My advice, consulting and coaching comes fully backed by a sound understanding of the law, the constraints businesses face and the dichotomies that often face leaders and managers.

Through the newsletter and YouTube channel and blog I share general ideas for the modern workplace. In a sense – I help people lead a good (work) life and thrive in their career.

After all, we spend around 90,000 hours at work over the course of our lives – I’m keen to help you get the most of those hours. 

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